Electronic Warfare (EW) suites for designated aircrafts

DARE has successfully equipped fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force and Indian Navy with electronic armour, consisting of Electronic Support Measures and Self-Protection Jammers.

Radar Warners for various aircraft platforms

A state-of-the-art RWR was originally developed for fighter aircraft, by DARE 1997. This is being produced at BEL and will be installed in all aircraft of IAF, including helicopters and transport aircraft, in addition to Indian Navy.

Range On Wheels

DARE has developed a Range On Wheels (ROW) facility for evaluating installed specifications of airborne EW systems and for fine tuning ECM techniques. This mobile range consists of a representative Threat Radar, a Reference Radar, a Slaved Rx/Tx Pedestal System, a Data Acquisition Station, a Mission Control Station and Generator Vehicle.

It has now been decided to enlarge the scope and make it a static EW range. It is proposed to acquire a few radars including Airborne radars, instrument, integrate then enlarge in the range and create a major EW range for evaluation of airborne radar & EW systems.

Mission Avionics (Mission Computer) for LCA

The Mission Avionics wing of DARE has pioneered indigenous development in the area of Mission Avionics. It started with the successful completion of the Mission Computer (MC) for the LCA.