Infrastructures/Facilities Available


Mechanical Systems Lab, a Nodal Test Centre of CVRDE, caters facilities for testing, evaluation and analysis of major sub-systems of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs). It has various facilities for evaluating high specific output engines, fuel injection systems, power packs of AFVs, Automatic transmission, Hydro-gas Suspension, Road wheel and Air cleaner. Extensive tests are carried out to evaluate the performance of various systems. The test facilities help in evaluation of automotive systems in simulated field conditions for their performance before integration on AFVs for field trials.

Engine Test Facility (1500 kW)
The facility consists of 1500kW hydraulic dynamometer. The load control is by servo operated water inlet and outlet valves. The throttle actuator is provided to control the injection pump of the engine. A PC based data acquisition cum control system is used for test bed and dynamometer control and monitoring. Incremental encoders are used for setting of demand values and bump less transfer of control modes are integrated in automation system. The instrumentation sensors are mounted in the cable boom and routed to the DAS. Other measuring equipments available are air mass meter, continuous fuel balance, fuel conditioning system, smoke meter and blow by meter. The facility also comprises of Combustion Process Analysis system, which consists of high speed 16 channels indicating system for crank angle and time based measurements of combustion pressure, low pressure phenomena at intake and exhaust manifolds.
Variable Speed Drive Test Facility (1)

The Variable speed drive test facility(1) is intended to test the sub components of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) and commercial vehicles which can transmit power upto 220 kW. Functional test and Load test can be carried out using this facility. Hydraulic dynamometer is used as a loading device. Data logging facility is available to monitor, torque, pressure, temperature and speed during testing. This test can be utilized to evaluate the following components.
  • Gear boxes
  • Fluid couplings
  • Torque converters
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Retarders
CVRDE Manufacturing Division is equipped with modern CNC Machines, Jig boring machines, General purpose machines, Gear manufacturing machines and Tool room with tool and cutter grinders, Foundry and Heat treatment facilities. The existing facilities are utilized to develop prototype components for various projects, namely Arjun Main Battle Tank, its variants and Light Combat Aircraft.

CNC Flame Cutting F150 MK Welding

TIG Welding


Dynamic Turret Test Facility

Welding Sets

Reliability & Quality Assurance
Facilities & Services rendered:
Reliability & Quality Assurance Group is rendering services related to quality in achieving design perfection by giving feed backs and in transforming into hardware.
Metrology Facilities:
This group is equipped with precision measuring instruments, gauges and equipments, as detailed below:





Endurance Test Rig (ETR) consists of a 250 kW DC motor coupled with a 1 : 9.375 step-up gear box connected to the test gear box through a power take off shaft and loaded on its output pads through water brake dynamometer. A Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) ensures automatic control of test sequence with in-built safely interlocks. Customised Data Acquisition System (DAS) monitors and stores test data parameters for offline analysis and report generation.

Attitude test rig is used to test the performance of gearbox by simulating the aircraft maneuvers like pitch and roll as per user specifications. The drive is provided by the pump in the gearbox instead of PTO shaft. The pump performance parameters are checked at various attitudes namely low oil pressure, delivery pressure and flow rate at outlet.
EMI/EMC Test Facility
AFV Electromagnetic Test Centre
To address the challenging EMI problems encountered, CVRDE has set up a strong base for EMI/EMC testing, analysis, hardware development and implementation to deal with any size of combat vehicles EMI problems. The test facility at CVRDE is at par with other R & D laboratories and AFV test facilities of international standards. EMI facility at CVRDE is dedicated for solving EMI/EMC problems related to AFVs.

AFV Electromagnetic Test Centre

This facility is also capable of carrying out conducted and radiated emission tests as per new European community. EMC derivatives based on CISPR standards. Also this facility can undertake time domain and alternator load dump test on automotives and other electronics systems.


RF Shielded Enclosure
The test facility is an all welded shielded enclosure, the RF Shielded Enclosure largest and the one of the best facility in the country. The main door is a large double leaf hinged door, which is electrically operated for initial opening and final closure. RF integrity is maintained. The wave guide vents are designed and manufactured to provide cut off frequency of more than 18 GHz.

RF chamber

Ante room

AFVs encounter a wide variety of hostile and hazardous natural and induced environments during storage, field deployment and trial phases in their life cycle. These environments include extreme hostile climatic conditions, atmosphere precipitation, tropical exposure and cross country operations in different terrains and weather conditions. Besides these environments, the operative conditions induce shock, vibration acceleration and intensive heating during running and firing exercises on the AFVs. During this period the AFVs have to operate with the high degree of performance coupled with optimum reliability.
As AFVs are optimally designed with small margins of safety with close design tolerances it is essential that they are exhaustively tested in a realistically simulated environment in which they operate. Prior testing and approval leads to optimum performance and also avoid costly failures. Malfunction of AFV electrical and electronic equipments may lead to even mission failure or total loss of AFV system. It is practically not possible to prove the total AFV in actual environmental condition due to time and enormous cost involved. Hence all AFV electrical and electronics system are subjected to rigorous environmental tests as prescribed in Joint Services Specification No 55555. These performance evaluation and reliability tests are prelude to clear the equipment for total evaluation and service use.
Test Track Range is situated close to CVRDE. The range has been developed to carry out preliminary testing of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs).
Facilities available at CVRDE test track:
  • APG Blocks Obstacle test course
  • Single Obstacle test course
  • Ramp with inclination
  • Sinusoidal course
  • Loose pebble course
  • Camera track
  • Vertical obstacle & Trench crossing (Ditch crossing).

Centre for Engineering Analysis and Design (CEAD)
CEAD is committed to
  • Product design through Finite Element Analysis
  • Stress analysis & design validation through FEA
  • Multibody dynamics analysis
  • Thermomechanical analysis
  • Vibration analysis & Vehicle Dynamics
  • Problem solving through analytical and Numerical methods
  • Virtual reality modeling for large scale visualization
  • Provides Internet access as per DRDO Internet user policy.
  • Provides Internet email id for all Officers.
  • Provides secured internet access.
  • Provides video streaming / webcasting at individual desktops.
  • Provides video conferencing facility between labs and headquarters.
  • Provides DRONA access to all Intranet systems.
  • Provides DRONA e-mail id to all Scientists.
  • Enabled various applications for Material Management Group.
KRC plays an important role in rendering timely information service for the scientific community of CVRDE for their R&D activities. Following are various facilities made available to the users.

Salient features in facilities and services of KRC.
The KRC has been planned with a view to offer more and sophisticated services to the users by offering modern facilities in acquiring pertinent information within minimum time possible.
The stack-cum-reading halls, VIP lounge, data centre and Internet browsing centre are air-conditioned with adequate lighting facilities for quiet reading. The environment at the KRC provides an ambient atmosphere for the library users and library professionals with appropriate stacking facility for the existing stock (40000 Nos.) as well for future expansion (100000 Nos.). KRC is with equipped with ergonomically designed furniture for library environment. The facilities at the KRC have paved a way for access of ASME, Taylor & Francis journals and also IEEE, Janes, Elsevier publications and JCCC service under DRDO Consortium for e-journals. KRC is providing NTRL, Indian standards, British Standards and also NPTEL e-learning material through intranet. Forty one rare and out of print books have been grouped under `Classic Books’, preserved using a specialized technology (photolam) and the digital version of selective titles are made available to the users through Library Portal. Technical books in various trades in Tamil language are procured and kept as a separate collection in the KRC for the benefit of DRTC cadres. The latest version of Library Automation software and Portal were introduced. RFID with smart card integration was successfully introduced for circulation management. KRC also provides Reprography and Photography service.
With a view to ensuring compliance of the constitutional and legal provisions regarding official language and to promote the use of Hindi for the official purposes of the Establishment, the Hindi Cell was set up in CVRDE in 1989. Since then, this Cell has been making all-round efforts for accelerating the progressive use of Hindi, In accordance with the guidelines issued from the Department of Official language.
Hindi Prabodh, Praveen and Pragya classes are being organized by Rajbhasha Vibhag twice a year i.e. from January to May & from July to November.
With a view to encourage more and more employees to do their official work in Hindi, Hindi workshops are organized from time to time for officers/employees of the establishment. Also, Hindi Fortnight Celebration & Hindi Day Celebration are organised every year. Various competitions are organized during the celebration and certificates and awards are distributed. Rolling trophies are presented to the Divisions doing maximum work in Hindi. Conversational course in Hindi is being organized for all categories.
Annual Trilingual House magazine ‘ARJUN’, comprising articles in Hindi, English and Tamil ‘ is being compiled and released during the Unit Day Celebrations.
RF Shielded Enclosure
Website of Hindi Cell has been launched in the CVRDE Intranet, which gives details of various implementation activities of the Hindi Cell.
Under Rajbhasha Puraskar Yojana, cash awards are presented to individuals doing commendable work in Hindi.