A. Water - Mist Characterization Facility

The facility comprises of a laser Diffraction based Droplet size analyser and a Particle / Droplet Image Analyser (PDIA).

B.     Equipments / Analytical Instruments

  1. Physisorption Analyzer
  2. Chemisorption Analyzer
  3. Accelerated Rate Calorimeter
  4. Simultaneous Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer
  5. Surface Area Analyzer
  6. Digital Tensile Tester
  7. Melt Flow Index & Lab Scale Film Blowing unit
  8. Inductively Coupled Plasma
  9. Thermal Protective Performance Tester 
  10. Flame imaging and processing facility
  11. Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
  12. Real Time based Data Acquisition system
  13. Gas charging machine
  14. Micronization equipment
  15. Zeta Sizer
  16. Gas Chromatograph
  17. Portable FTIR
  18. UV Spectrophotometer
  19. GC-MS Spectrometer

C.    Simulation / Modelling & Analysis Capabilities

  1. CFD Modelling and thermal interaction for IR signature Suppression from hot Exhaust Plume using Water mist
  2. Two-phase Flow Modelling for Twin-stage Atomizers
  3. CFD Modelling of fuel air combustion
  4. Numerical Modelling for Water mist based Fire protection system for enclosures
  5. Simulation and Modelling Software Package for Risk and Hazard Assessment    (RHA):
    • Rapid Hazard Ranking for Plants Storing, processing and handling hazardous materials
    • Soft computing tools for Hazard Analysis
    • Effects and Consequence Analysis for fires, explosions, toxic gas releases
    • Fuzzy logic based fault tree analysis
  6. FEM for prediction of structural response against external and internal blast loads
  7. Modelling of smoke movement in case of fire in a tunnel

D.   Facilities for Test and Evaluation of Fire Safety Products

    "SOP for Testing of Samples of Fire Safety Products at CFEES"
    "List of Fire Safety Products for Testing"