Areas of Work

A.    Explosive Safety

  • Explosive safety regulations(STEC regulations).
  • Design, Testing and Evaluation of new generation of Explosive storage buildings (Igloos, URP, HPM, UG).
  • Hazard Classification of newly developed/imported ammunition/explosives.
  • Disposal of Ammunition by Low Order Detonation.
  • Siting of new explosive buildings in MoD establishments.
  • Enforcing compliance of STEC regulations through explosive safety audit.
  • Accident investigation related to storage of ammunition.
  • Master Ammunition Storage Plan.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA).

B.  Environment Safety

  •  Environment safety audit as per DRDO Safety Policy.
  •  Technical Advice on matters of environment safety in MoD Establishments.
  •  R&D projects on development of environment friendly technologies for treatment /      disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes / effluents.
  •  Guidance on contaminated site management through Bio-remediation.
  •  Risk Hazard Analysis & Disaster Risk Reduction.
  •  Environment Impact Assessment for MoD establishments.


C.    Fire Safety

  • Professional fire training programmes for defence fire service personnel.
  • Consultancy in fire safety and Fire Fighting to MoD establishments.
  • Fire Safety Audit of MoD establishments.
  • Investigation of Fire Accidents.
  • Development of Fire Detection and Suppression System for Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  • Development of Water Mist based fire suppression systems.
  • Development of Fire protective clothing & equipments.
  • Development of Halon alternatives & respective fire suppression system.
  • Halon Banking and Management.
  • Test & evaluation of fire suppression chemicals, foams, halons & halon alternatives, FR Fabric, fire appliances & equipment etc.




  • Training Courses


a. Mandatory courses:
i. General Course in Fire Fighting:

  Duration – 12 Weeks.
Eligibility-Defence Fire Service Personnel and Air Warriors(SNOCs, NCOs, Ors) of  ESSA/ACH GD trader of Indian Air Force.

ii. Senior Fire Supervisor Course:

Duration – 08 Weeks.
Eligibility - Defence Fire Service Personnel preferably Supervisory or equivalent status.
iii.      General Course in Air Crash Rescue and Fire Fighting:
               Duration – 08 Weeks.
Eligibility - No Restriction.
b.      Optional courses:
i.        General Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Course – Officer’s:
               Duration – 08 Weeks.
Eligibility - Service Officer & equivalent status officer from OFB, DGQA, DRDO & other inter service organizations.

ii.       Basic Course in Elementary Fire Fighting:
Duration – 04 Weeks.
Eligibility - JCOs, NCOs or equivalent and Civilians from group C Cadre , Other than Civilian Defence Fire service Personnel.

iii.      Special Course on Safety Awareness:
               Duration – 01 Week.
Eligibility- Group ‘’A’’ Officers from DRDO, Army, Navy, Air Force, OF, DGQA other inter service organizations and defence undertakings.

c.      Need Based Courses:
i.        Training of Trainers:
               Duration – 06 Week.
Eligibility - JCOs, NCOs, Fire Supervisors.

ii.       Breathing Apparatus Course:
               Duration – 04 Week.
Eligibility - JCOs, NCOs, Fire Supervisors.


General Awareness and customized training courses to strengthen the safety culture in MoD.