Major Products / Services



  • Provides a window to the strategic market segment through Certification of military aviation products
  • Provides support to achieve technical excellence in military aviation.

The Strength

  • Expertise gained over the five decades of concurrent involvement with aircraft design, development, manufacturing and operational deployment involving a wide range of technologies and methodologies.
  • Capability to undertake certification of  Full Fledged Combat Aircraft, Helicopters, Engines, Systems, Equipment and Software programs.
  • Sound Knowledge base to assess performance and evaluate designs after identifying implication of technology in aerodynamics, structures, systems and equipment.
  • Ability to devise certification requirements for complex, electronic hardwareof radars, communication systems, Flight Control systems, EW systems and electro-optical payloads for various platforms from flight safety and mission criticality point of view.
  • Ability to devise qualification requirements for airworthiness certification at the component, equipment, systems, subsystems and at the aircraft or engine level.
  • Maturity and impartiality to safeguard the intellectual property of a customer by ensuring confidentiality of information.

CEMILAC carries out the design evaluation and airworthiness certification in accordance with the provisions of Ministry of Defence document "Design, Development and Production of Military Aircraft and Airborne Stores - 2002" (DDPMAS - 2002, Vol I & II). This Document is periodically revised

  • Design Approval of Firms (list attached to be linked)
  • Test House Approval (list attached to be linked)
  • Type Approvals
  • CEMILAC Certified Products:

    Documents on Policy Formulations

  • DDPMAS - 2002
  • DDPMAS -Software
  • Policy for Clearance of Bought out items
  • Clearance of Outsourced Structural Assy / LRUs
  • Policy on Joint Venture Programmes
  • Procedure for Airworthiness Group (AWG) formation
  • SOF Tests guidelines
  • Policy on use of HALT / HASS process
  • Policy guidelines on TOT of aero-stores
  • Airworthiness Directives


  • Vision Document - Development of Gas turbine engine for Self reliance
  • Vision Document - Realisation of 1200 kW Turbo shaft Engine in India
  • Compendium on Paints & Adhesives
  • Compendium on Type Approvals & Design Approvals
  • Compendium of Batteries
  • Compendium of Cartridges
  • Compendium on Elastomers
  • Compendium on Russian Rubbers
  • Compendium of Standard parts
  • Compendium on Coatings
  • Compendium on Aircraft Brakepads
  • Compendium of Indigenous wires, cables and Connectors fr Military Aircraft
  • Rationalization of Russian Materials
  • Book: PH Stainless Steels-An atlas of Micro-structures & Fracture features