The centre regularly interacts with other Labs and academic institutions to carry out studies and analysis related to the research activities of the centre.

  • CABS - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
    • Serial and parallel implementation of Space Time Adaptive Processing Algorithm
    • Wind Tunnel studies of EMB - 145 AEW&C model
    • Experimental evaluation of electromagnetic properties of GMPC
    • CFD studies on effects of installing dorsal antenna on EMB-145 AEW&C aircraft
    • Studies on adaptive signal processing techniques for mitigation of interferences in a GPS receiver
    • GPS technology augmentation studies
    • Wind tunnel studies of pressure distribution on 1:5 scale model of dorsal antenna
    • Estimation of Aerodynamic loads on dorsal unit in presence of fuselage and pylon
    • Measurement of surface pressure distribution on 1:10 scale DoU in the presence of single pylon and fuselage.
    • Measurement of mass flow through TRMM in a full scale DoU
    • Measurement of Aerodynamic loads on 1:10 scale aircraft model with 4 pylon interface structure


  • CABS - National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
    • An integrated approach to surveillance using Air and Space based technologies


  • CABS - University of Madras, Chennai
    • India's National Security and Threat Assessment


  • CABS - Jadavpur University, Kolkata
    • Theoretical studies on suitable printed radiating elements to provide 60 scanning for radar application


  • CABS - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
    • CFD studies of 'S' shaped duct at the entry of dorsal unit of AEW&C


  • CABS - Structural Engineering and Research Centre, Chennai
    • Structural integrity assessment of airborne external antenna - Numerical Evaluation
    • Structural integrity assessment of airborne external antenna - Experimental Evaluation - Vibration Tests
    • Structural integrity assessment of airborne external antenna for shock and acceleration by experimental Evaluation


  • CABS - RV College Of Engineering, Bangalore
    • Development and characterisation of Aluminium Quartz Composites for electronic panels
    • Development of data conversion card for 1553 specification
    • Experimental studies on radome structural materials
    • Analysis and design of GPS based target tracking system and MIL 1553B radar target data
    • Independent validation & verification of solid state memory module software


  • CABS - Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
    • Preliminary Survey for assessing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Airborne Defence Equipment


  • CABS - International Centre for Radio Science, Jodhpur
    • Theoretical design of L-Band printed antenna with cladded radome


  • CABS - Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi
    • AWACS for modern warfare: The core of IAF combat support for Air Operations


  • CABS - Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur
    • Comparative Study of GaAs and GaN based RF low-noise and power amplifiers for transreceiver (T-R) modules


  • CABS- IIIT, Hyderabad
    • Blind Modulation classification in the presence of timing and frequency offsets


  • CABS-VIT, Vellore
    • Track Level Neyman Pearson based data association in MSD