Interaction with Other Labs

  1. Defence Research & Development Organization
    • ADA - Development of FCS and Simulator for Combat Aircrafts.
    • IRDE - Sensors for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
    • DLRL - EW systems for UAVs.
    • LRDE - Radars for UAVs.
    • CABS - Participation in Flight trials of various systems developed by ADE, Lightning Test Facility.
    • CEMILAC - Airworthiness certification.
    • HEMRL and ARDE - Armament and explosive related systems for UAVs.
    • R&D Engineers - Development of Launcher, Ground Control Station, mechanical maintenance vehicles, transportation vehicle, Avionics preparation vehicle.
    • ADRDE - Aero-conical parachute system of UAVs.
    • RCI - interaction on seekers for advanced Unmanned Air Vehicles.
    • ASL - Interactions for Launcher systems for advanced Unmanned Air Vehicles.
    • DRDL - participation in flight trials on missiles.
    • GTRE - Engine related tasks for advanced Unmanned Air Vehicles .
    • DIPAS - Simulator activity for pilot mental work load assessment.
    • DARE - APTT Real time task trainer for MIG-27 upgraded aircraft.
    • VRDE - Development and Flight testing of UAV Rotary Engine.
    • DEAL - Development of Datalink systems, SSM package, RF Package, SSPA � S band and SSPA � C band subsystems.
    • DIAT � Studies for UAVs systems.
  2. CSIR Laboratories
    • Many CSIR labs like NAL, SAMEER, CEERIE, etc.
  3. Academic Institutions
    • IISc, all IITs, MIT Chennai, NIETs and many other engineering colleges
  4. Public Sector Undertakings
    • ECIL - Sensors and actuators, antenna and control systems, ground control systems, FCS subsystems and GPA subsystems for UAVs.
    • HAL, Bangalore - Airframe, structural and mechanical systems, and aircraft assembly of UAVs.
    • HAL, Lucknow - ADE interacts with HAL, Lucknow on fuel tank systems of UAVs.
    • BEL, Bangalore - Ground control stations, airborne electronics system for UAV and flight control electronics, datalink systems and antenna systems for UAVs.
    • BDL, Hyderabad - Tow bodies for reusable target.
    • BEML, Bangalore - Tatra vehicles for UAVs and more.

In addition, as can be expected ADE has partnerships with several private sector industries.