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Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE)

was established in January 1959 at High Grounds, Bangalore.

A large number of aeronautical projects were taken in the 50s and 60s, the important projects being Hovercraft/VTOL and Dart Target. Rapid expansion of R&D activities in ADE took place during the seventies and eighties and due to inadequate space at the High Grounds site to meet the growing needs of the establishment during May 1974, a new site was acquired in HAL II Stage where the Establishment is currently located.

The Establishment has developed core expertise and technologies pertaining to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems, Combat Aircraft Systems especially the Flight Control Systems and the Aircraft Simulators. The unmanned aerial vehicles consist of low speed long endurance type and the high speed aircraft which include target aircraft and cruise vehicles.

In the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles major projects were initiated namely the Missile Target ULKA, Mini RPV Kapothaka, Reusable target system Lakshya, Reconnaissance and Surveillance UAV Nishant, Laser guided kits for bombs, cruise vehicles, micro air vehicles, long endurance UAVs Rustom1 and Rustom-H and more recently studies related to unmanned combat aerial vehicles have been initiated.

ADE became a major partner in the Light Combat Aircraft ‘Tejas’ program and contributed extensively towards the development of several critical systems/technologies that included:

  • The quadruplex redundant digital fly-by-wire flight control system for flight control and stabilization of the aircraft.
  • Cockpit display system
  • Engineering simulator for evaluation of flying and handling qualities of the aircraft.
  • The Mini Bird and Actuator test rig for testing of the flight control system hardware.
  • The digital avionics integration rig for testing of avionics systems and software.

Over the last two decades, ADE has become a renowned systems establishment meeting the needs of all three armed forces in the field of military aviation with the in-house development of state-of-the-art systems and technologies.

ADE has been led by the following Directors since its inception:

  From To
Dr OP MEDIRATTA 19-01-1959 16-08-1968
WG CDR P GOPALAN 17-08-1968 04-04-1970
Shri VIVEK R. SINHA 05-04-1970 13-07-1974
AIR CMDE HN KRISHNAMURTHY 14-07-1974 14-12-1981
AVM HN KRISHNAMURTHY 15-12-1981 31-07-1985
Shri BG PATWARDHAN 01-08-1985 29-10-1985
Dr KOTA HARINARAYANA 30-10-1985 25-06-1986
Dr KG NARAYANAN 26-06-1986 18-01-2002
Shri MD ARAVAMUDHAN 19-01-2002 31-10-2005
Shri G ELANGOVAN 01-11-2005 18-05-2007
Shri PS KRISHNAN 19-05-2007 Till Date