DRDO Industry Academia Centres of Excellence (DIA-CoEs)

DRDO establishes DIA-CoE at premier and capable academic Institutes and Universities in the country to build Directed Research Eco-system through collaboration among DRDO labs, Academia and Startups/Industries. DIA-CoEs will pursue research both in developing the cutting-edge technologies and in the areas of denied defence technologies.

The primary aim of establishing such DIA-CoEs is to harness & synergize the combined strength of academia, student community, research fellows, niche technology industries & DRDO scientist to provide impetus to research & innovations in identified futuristic defence technological domains. These DIA-CoEs will boost & sustain development of advanced technologies for future defence systems and platforms through multi-disciplinary & multi-institutional collaborative efforts. DRDO has established 15 Nos. of DIA-CoEs so far. Following are the research verticals of these CoEs:

  1. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT Delhi (DIA-CoE, IITD)
    • Advanced Ballistics and Protection Technologies
    • Advanced Electromagnetic Devices and Terahertz Technologies
    • Brain Computer Interface and Brain Machine Intelligence
    • Photonic Technologies, Plasmonics, Laser and Quantum Photonics
    • Smart and Intelligent Textile Technologies
  2. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT Bombay (DIA-CoE, IITB)
    • Aero Engine: (Small Turbo Fan Engine & Large Aero Engine)
    • Solid Propellant Combustion modelling
    • Morphing Wing Aircraft technology
    • Hypersonic Propulsion
  3. DRDO Industry Academia Ramanujan Centre of Excellence, IIT Madras (DIA-RCoE, IITM)
    • Electronics and Computational Systems
    • Naval Systems and Naval Technologies
    • Advanced Combat Vehicle Technologies
    • High Power CW Laser Sources
    • Next Generation Communication and Networking Technologies
  4. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, University of Hyderabad (DIA-CoE, UoH)
    • High energy materials
    • Energetic polymers and nanomaterials
    • Laser based technologies for detection and discrimination and initiation of HEMs and Chemicals
  5. DRDO Industry Academia SardarVallabhbhai Patel Centre of Excellence, Gujarat University (DIA-SVPCoE, GU)
    • Vulnerability Discovery and Exploitation
    • IoT Security
    • Malware Analysis
    • Cryptocurrency Analysis and Dark Web
    • Big Data Analytics
  6. DRDO Industry Academia Raman Centre of Excellence, IISc Bangalore (DIA-RCoE, IISc)
    • Aerospace Systems & Materials
    • High Temperature Materials for aero engine
    • Micro and Nano Systems Science and Technology
    • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for aerial applications
    • Quantum Sensing & Metrology
    • Strategic Technology Studies
  7. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, Mizoram University (DIA-CoE, MZU)
    • Management of Agro-Bio Resources
    • Environment & waste management
    • Post-Harvest Management
    • MEMS based sensor
    • Advanced electromagnetic & high frequency electronics design system
  8. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, Central University of Jammu (DIA-KCoE, CUJ)
    • Computational System Security
    • Sensors based on semiconductors
  9. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, Bharthiar University (DIA-CoE, BU)
    • Biosensors, micro fuel cells and gas sensors
    • Environmental toxicity management
  10. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT Hyderabad (DIA-CoE, IITH)
    • Ultra- High Temperature Materials for Hypersonic Vehicles
    • Artificial Intelligence for Missile and Missile Defence
    • Technologies for Space Application
    • Adaptive Imaging and Image Processing
    • Nanoornithopter Technologies
    • Seeker and Homing Technologies
    • Additive Manufacturing
  11. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT BHU (DIA-CoE, IITBHU)
    • Powder Metallurgy
    • Electronic Functional Materials
    • High Power Micro Wave Sources and Devices
  12. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT Jodhpur (DIA-CoE, IITJ)
    • Desert Warfare Technologies
    • Futuristic Omni Mobility Systems
    • AI for information and Wargaming Technologies
  13. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT Kanpur (DIA-CoE, IITK)
    • Printing on Flexible Substrates
    • Advanced Nanomaterials
    • Accelerated Material design and development
    • High Energy Materials
    • Bio- Engineering
  14. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT Roorkee (DIA-CoE, IITR)
    • Smart infrastructure and hardened structures for defence applications
    • Energy storage device
    • Landslide, Snow and avalanche studies
    • Pulse lasers and Speciality Fibre
    • Shock and Detonics
    • Thermal Management
  15. DRDO Industry Academia Centre of Excellence, IIT Kharagpur (DIA-CoE, IITKGP)
    • Directed Energy System’s Technologies
    • Unmanned Underwater Robotic Technologies
    • Cognitive Technologies and Cyber Physical Defence Systems
    • Quality, reliability and safety studies
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