Shri G. Ramamohana Rao
Shri G. Ramamohana Rao
Scinetist ‘G' and Director, Vehicles Research and Development Establishment

Shri G. Ramamohana Rao, Scinetist ‘G’ has been appointed as Director, Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE) Ahmednagar with effective from 17th Nov 2022. He joined VRDE in Nov 1991 after completing his B.Tech in Electronics & communication and subsequently he has obtained M.Tech in Electronics. He has vast R&D experience of more than 31 years in the field of Wheeled/Tracked weapon platforms.

Shri G. Ramamohana Rao has contributed in the areas of Development of Launchers and Ground Support Systems of Strategic Program (SFD). He has contributed in conceiving and developing advanced control systems with stringent interlocks for various operations of launcher systems for long range missiles. He has realised AGNI series of road mobiles launchers with user friendly, fully automated operation with limited user intervention and delivered to Users.

He has also designed and developed Electromagnetic pulse protected Integrated Mobile System (IMS) with communication, Launch Interface and Launch control systems. The system provides protection for equipment from EMP threat and NBC protection and decontamination for the crew. All AGNI series of launchers are provided with IMS and no. of systems have been delivered and are being used by the users for various launches.

He has contributed in developing, trial evaluating and inducting Armoured Engineering Reccee Vehicles (AERV) in Indian Army. He has realised land, water reccee instrumentation and Navigation system for AERV and successfully inducted in Indian Army.

He has developed Gasoline Direct Injection Technology for aerial engines and proven it on internal combustion engines. He has conceived and executed by using model based design and HILs with embedded systems.

He has expertise in the area of Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility and developed state-of-the-art and unique facility in the country for evaluation of tracked and wheeled platforms. He has conceptualised and designed the entire facility to meet MIL STD 461G, IEC, SAE, EEC, ECE standards. The facility is designed to meet all requirements of ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE in terms of generation of RF field levels and measurement of RF signatures. He has also designed and developed an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) simulator for testing of various weapon platforms as per MIL Std 461G (RS105) and lightning induced transients test facility as per DO 160G standard.

As Head of National Centre for Automotive Testing (NCAT), he has established various test facilities for mobility evaluation of wheeled and tracked platforms. Various weapon platforms have been evaluated and ensured systems are critically tested for various road inputs. Various test tracks have been established including ABS, Vehicle Dynamics track for evaluating advanced features of various weapon platforms. He is instrumental in introducing methods for optimum utilisation of facilities by offering the test facilities to Industry as spin off for resource generation.

He is Chairman and member of various bodies of Automotive Industry standards and BIS. He has no. of papers to his credit and he is recipient of no. of awards including DRDO award for performance excellence 2011 and 2016 for AGNI IV and MRSAM projects respectively.

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