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AEW & C सिस्टम में तैनात सिस्टम और सब-सिस्टम

 AEW & C सिस्टम में तैनात सिस्टम और सब-सिस्टम

AEW & C सिस्टम में तैनात सिस्टम और सब-सिस्टम

Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU)

The Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU) is a combined antenna system for Radar and IFF systems of AEW&C. The antenna unit provides fully Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) for radar and passive electronic scanning antenna for IFF. The array has in built controller unit with multiple units to provide beam steering of the radar and IFF antennas. It supports multiple interfaces.

Identification of Friend & Foe (IFF)

The IFF Mk XII(S) system comprises of three elements namely interrogator, Transponder and Combined Interrogator Transponder (CIT), The operation of IFF system is as per standards laid down in ICAO/STANAG 4193. Each of the elements of IFF Mk XII(S) system is designed with suitable antenna that includes different configuration of E-scan as well as M-scan with Mode S level 2 capabilities. Sufficient resources are kept as spare for futuristic up-gradation.

Mission System Controller (MSC)

Mission system Controller (MSC) is the nerve centre of the AEW&C system offering the command and control facility, sensor data fusion, identification and classification, and threat evaluation to arrive at the air situation picture, advanced threat assessment, interception control and guidance along with data storage by using compression techniques. MSC interfaces with the DHDS system for all operator control and display features.

Mission Communication System (MCS)

This provides integrated communication management of multiple communication systems along with intercom facility to operator. A communication controller enables control of radios to setup their operations as per operator requirement.

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