Dr. (Smt.) Ranjana Nallamalli
Dr. (Smt.) Ranjana Nallamalli
Director, Directorate of Futuristic Technology Management (DFTM)

Dr. (Smt.) Ranjana Nallamalli, Scientist 'H', joined DRDO in 1992. During her 30 years of journey in DRDO she worked on Naval Systems and Missile Systems Development. She worked on software development for the embedded systems. She established the Software Quality Assurance practice handling the Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) of Systems Software for Long Range Systems. In addition to system software validation and software development, she is a quality and reliability practitioner and held the responsibility of IT systems management. She established enterprise solutions of PLM & employee self-service sensuring cyber security of the computer infrastructure.

A graduate in Physics and Post Graduate in Computer Science she has published papers in national and international journals. She holds a Doctorate in Computer Science in the field of Formal Verification of Mission Critical Software.

As a convener for formulating Software Developments Guidelines, she has been instrumental in developing the DRDO Standards for Software Development (DSSD). She has authored the DRDO Software IV&V Policy. At the HQrs she undertook system studies and also initiated the implementation of DRDO Software standard across DRDO.

She was part of the team awarded Path Breaking Technology Group for the successful flight test of AGNI III in 2007. She has been conferred with the Laboratory Technology Day Oration Award for her work on establishing Software Quality Assurance Division in 2008. She and her team washonoured with the laboratory Technology Group Award in the year 2012. For her outstanding contributions during Covid-19, she has been conferred World Congress on Disaster Management Award for 2021. She is the recipient of DRDO Award for Best Techno Managerial Services/Popular Science Communication for year 2020.

She was appointed as Director for the Directorate of System and Technology Analysis (DSTA) in Aug 2019. In this assignment she spearheaded the System Technology Assessment Studies, which necessitates interactions with think tanks, Industry and academia for futuristic technologies. She has also been the Director of Public Interface at DRDO HQ. She is also tenanted the responsibility of Director IT&CS since 07 Dec 22 where she has laid the foundation of Enterprise Class Software and Cyber Security.

Presently she is heading the corporate Directorate of Futuristic Technology Management which is chartered to focus on translational research for developing crucial and futuristic technologies in identified research domain. Under her guidance the directorate undertakes the major activities to plan, implement and manage the directed research collaboratively.

She is a voracious reader and a known visionary on technical matters.

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