Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Aerodynamic DesignControl Surface design for Artillery Round AerodynamicsARDE
Control & GuidanceAlgorithm for Guidance & Control of Sub MunitionsARDE
Extended Range Targeting Using Gliding Artillery MuntionsARDE
Detonics & MechanismsSmart Fuzes for the Guided Artillery MunitionsARDE
ECCMTechnology to counter GPS signal JammingARDE
EO/IR SeekerRugged Laser and IR seekers that can withstand High Shocks or Artillery FiringARDE
MiniaturizationHigh g hardened electronics miniaturization - Fuze, navigation and targeting electronics for Guided Artillery MuntionsARDE
Parachute Delivery MechanismParachute based Soft Delivery Mechanism for Guided Artillery MuntionsARDE
Power SystemPower source for Smart Projectile - Rugged and reliable power source like Set back generator, Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) crystal or rotory generator based Power GenerationARDE
Warhead/ExplosiveAnti Armour Artillery Rounds with Shaped Charge based warhead for top attackARDE
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