Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Battery TechnologyMethodology for accelerated ageing studies and shelf life assessment of various batteriesNSTL
Aluminium Ion batteryRCI
Battery technology/thermal management of batteries for high altitude conditionsDIHAR/DIBER
Contactless charging of batteries in air and underwaterNSTL
Energy harvesting underwaterNSTL
Graphene based batteriesVRDE
Health monitoring techniques for batteriesNSTL
Heat Management techniques for high power batteriesNSTL
High Capacity Battery with better reliability and Shelf LifeARDE
High energy storage flow/redox battery  (GWhr)NMRL
Iron Ion batteryRCI
Lithium Ion batteryRCI
Lithium Sulfur batteryRCI
Lithium-Silver Oxide Seawater Activated Reserve Battery TechnologyNSTL
Lithium–Sulphur based batteriesVRDE
Long Range Power System for Hypersonic VehicleDRDL
Magnesium Ion batteryRCI
Materials synthesis for Metal-ion BatteriesNSTL
Nano materials based Silver Zinc batteryRCI
Power Harvesting Technologies for High Endurance Mines and Mine fieldsARDE
Recycling, waste management and end of life studies of batteriesNSTL
Smart BatteriesNSTL
Sodium Ion batteryRCI
Sodium-Sulphur based batteriesVRDE
Underwater Electrochemical Power SourceNPOL
Energy StorageAlternative technologies for energy storage in high altitude, low weather conditionsDIHAR/DIBER
Graphene based ultra-capacitorsVRDE
High altitude and low temperature energy system for ensuring availability of liquid water under extreme cold weather conditionsDIHAR/DIBER
Fuel CellPhosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Stack technology for underwater applicationNMRL
Plug & Realisation of  Vetted Energy Module for P 75 Class of SubmarineNMRL
High temperature tin-air Fuel cell for wide band primary fuelNMRL
Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technologyCFEES & DIHAR/DIBER
Thin bipolar plate technology for Air Independent PropulsionNMRL
Hybrid EnergySmart Hybrid Energy sourceR&DE(E)
MaterialsMicroporous Carbon and Graphene based materials for Energy Storage Devices and Antistatic TextilesDMSRDE
 Printable solar cells for Drones and Unmanned Underwater VehiclesDMSRDE
Renewable EnergyAdvanced hybrid energy generation and management systemDIHAR/DIBER
Biohydrogen generation from bacteria/algaeNMRL
Biomass Gasifier for Power and HeatDIHAR/DIBER
Biomethanation of Biomass for production of ElectricityDIHAR/DIBER
Concentrated Photovolatic (PV) cells  for thermally insulated shelterDIHAR
Hybrid power system for Remote offgrid Army postsDIHAR/DIBER
Hybrid suitable solar and wind energy technology for thermally insulated shelterDIHAR
Solar Energy based  thermal technology viz. Concentrated solar thermal technology for space HeatingDIHAR
Wireless PowerSingle contact surface power transfer for missile applications - Quasi Wireless Power TransferRCI
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