Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
CoatingsExternal Electrical Insulation Layer Coating of BarrelARDE
Friction Reduction Graphene Coating on RailsARDE
Wear and Spark Erosion Resistant  Ni-Mo Cladding of RailsARDE
Mobility VehicleHigh Mobility Vehicle Mounting for Special OperationsARDE
Multi-loop Augmented RailsMulti-loop Augmented Rails technology for high weight projectiles accelaration to high speedsARDE
Power SystemHigh Power and energy Compansator based Power System for EM rail gunsARDE
Liquid Metal Switches for EM Rail Gun - Liquid Metal Conductor based Current InjectorsARDE
Li-Si based Battery Bank for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Power AugmentationARDE
Semiconductor Switches and High Energy Density CapacitorsARDE
Processing/ FabricationProcessing technology of Supercapacitors for RailgunNMRL
Recoil MechanismConversion of Trough Cradle to Ring Cradle and Fitment of Recoil SystemARDE
TargetingExtreme Long Range Targeting Accuracy and Firepower for EM rail gunARDE
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