Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyAI/ML Framework and algorithms for Electronic Warfare (EW) ApplicationsDLRL/CASDIC
COMINTWider Bandwidth COMINT Direction Finding System with Signal Classification FunctionalityDLRL
Digital ReceiverWide Band Digital Receiver using Direct Sampling TechniqueDLRL
Wide Band Digital Receiver using Nyquist Folding TechniqueDLRL
ECMSmart Jamming against Software Defined Radio (SDR) & Cognitive Radio based Military Communication RadiosDLRL
Electro OpticsDistributed Aperture System for EW applicationIRDE
ESMFinger Printing System for Mode-agile threat RadarsDLRL
Signal ProcessingMonolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) based Multi-function RF chipsDLRL
SoC based Signal Processing Cards for Unified Receiver Exciter ProcessorDLRL
Thermal ManagementPhase Change Material (PCM) based thermal management system for Radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) systemDLJ
Thermal Pyroletic graphite embedded high conductivity thermal platesDLRL/CASDIC
Two Phase Cooling System for Plank based Transmit Receive ModuleDLRL/CASDIC
Vapor chamber based two phase cooling device for transmitter moduleDLRL/CASDIC
Vapor Cycle System for Instrument PodDLRL/CASDIC
Training SimulatorClosed Loop Electronic Warfare (EW) SimulatorDLRL/CASDIC
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