Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
1500HPEngine for Battle TanksCVRDE
180HPDiesel Engine for naval application and Unmanned Aerial Propulsion SystemVRDE
600 HPEngine for Infantry Combat VehiclesCVRDE
CoatingsThermal Barrier Coatings to enhance engine performanceCVRDE
Compact EngineHigh efficiency Compact engine for Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV)CVRDE
Thermal barrier coating in the compact engine of Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
FiltersSelf-cleaning air filtration system - Nano filter mediaCVRDE
Gear BoxGearbox with more number of gear steps for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Low Friction EngineHigh speed and low friction engines for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Waste-heat recovery - Use of techniques like turbo compounding, thermo electric devices etcCVRDE
SteeringIntegration of Hydrostatic Unit with hydrodynamic steer assist unit for Battle TanksCVRDE
TransmissionAutomatic transmission with hydrostatic steering unit and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) based controller for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Binary logic transmission with Co planar gear train and Poly cone clutches for Tracked vehicle applicationCVRDE
Automatic transmission with advanced features for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Automatic transmission with mechanical steering unit and electro mechanical controller for Armoured Amphibious VehicleCVRDE
Closed loop control system for adaptive gearshift control for Battle TanksCVRDE
Hydrodynamic mechanical Automatic transmission  for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Hydrodynamic mechanical Automatic transmission for Battle TanksCVRDE
TurbochargerTurbocharger for Armoured Fighting Vehicle engineCVRDE
ValvesPressure modulation valves for Battle TanksCVRDE
Wankel Rotary EngineAdvanced Technologies for Reciprocating / Wankel Rotary engineVRDE
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