Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
FuzeAcoustic Kill Mechanism based arming and targeting by MinesARDE
High G, Shock and Spin based Safety Arming of AmmunitionsARDE
Impact-cum–Delay Electronic Fuze for air deliverable Bombs, Mortars and Artillery shellsTBRL
Induction Programming Based Contact Less Fuze programmingARDE
Proximity Fuze for Air delivered bombsTBRL
Smart High Energy Arming and Safing TechnologiesTBRL
Universal Radio Proximity FuzeRCI
 Laser based proximity fuze for multiple platformsIRDE
LasersLaser initiator system for single and multipoint initiation warheadsTBRL
PneumaticPneumatic actuation system for retro applicationASL
PyrotechnicsBurn rate laws for pyrotechnic igniter compositionsHEMRL
Composition and processing technique for Magnesium Teflon Viton (MTV) based compositionsHEMRL
Conversion of existing Electro Explosive Devices (EEDs) to 1A/1W capable devices for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and EMI/EMC complianceHEMRL
Exploding Foil Initiator (EFI) based Miniaturized Initiation systemTBRL
Green Non-Toxic Pyrotechnic DelaysHEMRL
Manufacturing technology for high L/D ratio pellets by compaction techniqueHEMRL
Miniaturized Electro Explosive Devices (EEDs) based on flexible circuits and connectorsHEMRL
Pyrotechnic compositions and devices to improve accuracyHEMRL
Thin Film based Pyrotechnic delaysHEMRL
Flame throwing by pyrotechnic igniters & flame spread on propellantsDRDL
Novel Explosives Logic Circuits and Characterization methodologies at small charge level for hybrid explosivesTBRL
Separation MechanismsBellow Based Stage Separation MechanismsASL
Electro-magnetic based Stage Separation SystemRCI
Explosive Transfer Lines (ETL) for canopy severance of fighter aircraftsHEMRL
Re-entry Vehicle Structure with vertical separationASL
Smart MaterialsSmart material actuation system for pyro pusher applicationASL
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