Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyCyber Defence & Cryptanalysis AutomationSAG
Safety & security system using deep learning and computer visionPXE
Application SecurityAnalysis of (Telecommunication Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmission) TEMPEST Attacks on PC Monitors and Mobile DevicesSAG
Exploring Newer Micro-architectural AttacksSAG
Screaming Channel Analysis on Mixed Signal Integrated CircuitsSAG
Blockchain SecurityBlockchain for Defence Applications - Access Control & Trust ManagementDYSL-AI
CryptographyEncryption for Military IoTSAG
Hackproof Cryptography based on Honey EncryptionSAG
Node encryption/ decryption based communication SecurityCAIR
Post Quantum  CryptographyCAIR
CryptologyAutomation of Cryptanalysis and Traffic AnalysisSAG
Bio-Inspired Cryptography AlgorithmsSAG
Homographic Encryption AlgorithmsSAG
Post Quantum Cryptosystems and ProtocolsSAG
Side Channel Leakage Analysis on Quantum Key Distribution, Crypto Algoritms and Communication ChannelsSAG
Security EvaluationSecurity Analysis of Blockchain NetworksSAG
Suite of tools for Network Security AssuranceSAG
AI-enabled Tools for Automating Security AssesmentSAG
Evaluation of Trustworthiness of AI-enabled SystemsSAG
Formal Methods for Information Security Testing and AssuranceSAG
Security Evaluation of Critical Information Storage SystemsSAG
Security Evaluation of Smart Devices on Public NetworksSAG
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