Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyAI & Machine learning approach for condition monitoring of hydraulic systemR&DE(E)
Fault Tolerant Control System with Artificial Intelligence and accelerator hardwareR&DE(E)
Multi data sensing and fusion for control systemR&DE(E)
Robust & remote health monitoring scheme using AI & MLR&DE(E)
ControllerAttitude Control System to control various AFV attitudes to achieve higher elevation & depression of main gunCVRDE
Generic Servo Control Module with a reconfigurable capability using Hydraulic actuatorsADE
Electric ActuatorsHalbach Core/ Coreless motors for High Power Density Electric ActuatorsRCI
High Power Density Electric ActuatorsRCI
High Power Density- High Speed Actuation SystemRCI
Low Cost-High Power Density ActuationRCI
Magnet-less Drivers, Switched Reluctance drives, Synchronous Reluctance DrivesRCI
Power controllers with Flux weakening for High Speed Actuation SystemRCI
Synchronous Motors for High Speed Actuation SystemRCI
System-in-Package Intelligent Power Amplifiers for High Power Density Electric ActuatorsRCI
Electro Hydraulic Control SystemAdvanced Hydraulic and Electronic control systemVRDE
Mechanical ActuatorsJam Tolerant Geared Rotary Actuator TechnologyR&DE(E)
Nozzle Control SystemNozzle Control systems liquid/air breathing propulsion systems (Anti surge control system) - Hydraulic ActuationDRDL
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