Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Acoustic CommunicationsLow power high data rate underwater acoustic communicationsNPOL
Ad Hoc NetworkingBeam steering enabled Ad Hoc NetworkingDEAL
AI/ML TechnologyAI paired with 5G/6G communication systems for advanced training environments.DRDL
Beam FormingDigital Beamforming for CommunicationDEAL
Cognitive RadioSWaP Optimized Cognitive Engine for adaptive and context based behavior for providing reliable communication to war-fighters in hostile environmentDEAL
Data LinkBeyond Line of Sight Data Link and Telemetry Relay using GSAT for MissilesRCI
Inter-missile data link for collaborative engagementRCI
SDR based Universal High Throughput Modem for DatalinkRCI
Seekers - 2-way data linkRCI
Wireless Data link for aircraft weapons launchRCI
Data Network1G Ethernet with Time sensitive Network (TSN) protocolRCI
Avionics Full Duplex Switched  Ethernet (AFDX) IP & SwitchRCI
Hybrid CommunicationHybrid communication systems having both quantum communication and classical communication capabilityDEAL
LasersBlue Green Laser CommunicationDEAL
ModemHigh Bandwidth Anti Jam Modem technologyDEAL
Wideband High Frequency Modem with AI enabled LinkDEAL
ModulationOrthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) modulationDEAL
Quantum CommunicationQuantum-assisted communication combining quantum signal processing with classical communication channelsDEAL
Satellite based Quantum Communication SystemsDEAL
SatcomReliable Waveform for Helicopter Satellite CommunicationDEAL
Seekers - Satellite CommunicationRCI
SDRSoftware Defined Radio (SDR) Integration in Airborne platformsCABS
Configurable Hardware and Protected waveform for Airborne communication networksDEAL
Software Defined Radio (SDR) form factors and pluggable security modulesDEAL
Space Qualified Software Defined Radio (SDR) based Satcom Payload with Robust waveforms with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)/ Digital Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) for Anti-jam & CovertnessDEAL
Indian Software Defined Radio (SDR) software Standard, Information Repository and Software Test/Certification framework for SDRDEAL
Spectrum SensingWide band spectrum sensing - Wideband SpectrometerDEAL
TransmitterTransportable  Aerostat Based Very Low Frequency (VLF) TransmitterDEAL
TransponderSpace Qualified Software Defined Radio (SDR) based Satcom Payload with Regenerative transponderDEAL
Underwater LaserAir-Underwater Laser Communication SystemIRDE
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