SI. NONomenclature Name of the Firm (D&D / Mfd)RCMATA No.Document(s)
1 Boot Furlined High Altitude, Pt. No. BFR-01-00D&D by: DEBEL, Bengaluru, Mfd by: M/s ANISA, Noida
2 Air Starter H.F.E.S/1M/s HAL, Engine Division. Bengaluru ENG 1
 TA-1.pdf(155.75 KB)
3 Permacel Self Adhesive Tapes - 4 TypesM/s Johnson & Johnson, Mumbai A/C 2
 TA-2.PDF(1018.2 KB)
4 ORlON -516: Heavy Duty Carbon and Paint RemoverM/s Oriental Chemical Works, Kolkata A/C 3
 TA-3.pdf(298.25 KB)
5 ORION 19P Penetrant Dye -233C/131 with Remover, DeveloperM/s Oriental Chemical Works, Kolkata A/C 4
 TA-4.PDF(823.73 KB)
6 ORION 5005 Liquid Cleaning CompoundM/s Oriental Chemical Works, Kolkata A/C 8
 TA-8.pdf(303.5 KB)
7 High Temperature Electrical CablesM/s Garg Associates, U.P. A/C 9
 TA-9.pdf(207.11 KB)
8 Tinned Copper Flexible Cable BraidsM/s Metal Cloth, Bengaluru A/C 10
 TA-10.pdf(202.03 KB)
9 Nyvin Type Electrical Cables-16,18, 20 & 22M/s. Henley Cables, Pune A/C 12
 TA-12.pdf(527.25 KB)
10 Cotton Duck KHAKI Water Repellant FabricM/s Buckingham & Carnatic Co. Ltd., Chennai A/C 13
 TA-13.pdf(602.86 KB)
11 Cable straps and studs (Flexible Nylon Strapping. CAT No.SC-1 & CAT No.SS3)M/s Mayfair Electricals, Kolkata A/C 14
 TA-14.PDF(524.12 KB)
12 Pren Type Electrical Cables for AircraftM/s Henley Cables, Pune A/C 15
 TA-15.PDF(517.33 KB)
13 Resorcinol Resin Glue, RS-216M & Catalyst RXS-8"17"M/s Allied Resins & Chemicals, Kolkata A/C 16
 TA-16.PDF(605.53 KB)
14 Terminal Block-2 way, Box type Pt. No. 5CZ-430M/s Allied Electronics Corpn, Mumbai A/C 17
 TA-17.PDF(529.02 KB)
15 Cable Eye (Ross Courtney Type) Pt. No.5K-2595M/s Mayfair Electricals, Kolkatta A/C 18
 TA-18.PDF(508.4 KB)
16 Flame Trap, Pt. No.C-88-250-C (IND)M/s. Metal Cloth, Bengaluru A/C 19
 TA-19.pdf(139.97 KB)
17 Artouste IllB Engine SL.No. H55007M/s HAL, Engine Division. Bengaluru ENG 21
 TA-21.pdf(519.11 KB)
18 Flexible Nylon Cable Strapping 12.5 mm, CAT No. SC-2M/s Mayfair Electricals, Kolkata A/C 23
 TA-23.PDF(579.48 KB)
19 Lamp Filament 24V/10W, Pt.No. 5L/9952276/INDM/s Pradip Lamp Works, Patna A/C 26
 TA-26.PDF(578.03 KB)
20 Lamp Filament 28V/3.5W Pt.No.X951273M/s Pradip Lamp Works, Patna A/C 27
 TA-27.pdf(578.09 KB)
21 Lamp Filament 28V/3.5W Pt.No.X995-1284M/s Pradip Lamp Works, Patna A/C 28
 TA-28.PDF(567.28 KB)
22 Lamp Filament 24V/20W Pt.No. 995-4214M/s Pradip Lamp Works, Patna A/C 29
 TA-29.PDF(550.59 KB)
23 Lamp Filament 2.5V/0.5W Pt.No. 995-1122M/s Pradip Lamp Works, Patna A/C 30
 TA-30.PDF(540.26 KB)
24 Phase II Extension-I Dart MK-531 EngineM/s HAL, Engine Division. Bengaluru ENG 31
 TA-31.pdf(499.43 KB)
25 Rubber Seals (DTD 458A-Gde A) 3, BRD, Chandigarh KNP 32
 TA-32.pdf(141.61 KB)
26 Rubber Seals, Pt. No. 2609C 52-6-1.5, 2619C52-13-2) 3, BRD, Chandigarh KNP 33
 TA-33.PDF(419.03 KB)
27 Rubber Seals (126 BG/B 1232W Packing, 128P/AN-6227-8 Packing O ring & 126BG/51-58101-17 Gasket)3, BRD, Chandigarh KNP 34
 TA-34.pdf(140.77 KB)
28 Bonding Strips to HAL Drg No. M 10306M/s Metal Cloth, Bengaluru H/C 36
 TA-36.PDF(1.82 MB)
29 Twenty Position Rotary Drum Selector Switch Pt. No.M26012 & M26012-1M/s HAL, (Aircraft), Bengaluru A/C 37
 TA-37.PDF(559.04 KB)
30 Audio Matching Unit, Pt.No. N24681-AM/s BEL, Bengaluru A/C 38
 TA-38.PDF(511.04 KB)
31 Fida A/c Battery Type 12.19/25M/s Free India, Kolkata A/C 41
 TA-41.pdf(561.09 KB)
32 Fida A/c Battery Type 24.19/25M/s Free India, Kolkata A/C 42
 TA-42.pdf(568.79 KB)
33 Nylon Cordage 400 lbs Type BR / NY /10M/s Best Cotton Ropes Mfg. Co. Mumbai A/C 43
 TA-43.pdf(197.18 KB)
34 Preset Control Unit, Pt. No. 324-93144M/s HAL, A/c, Bengaluru A/C 44
 TA-44.pdf(231.33 KB)
35 Igniters for Motors, Rocket, 68 mm Type 224/24Ordnance Factory, Kirkee AA 45
 TA-45.PDF(534.22 KB)
36 Explosive Components of A/c Integral Charge Fire extinguisher ARDE, Pune AA 46
 TA-46.pdf(240.6 KB)
37 Al-alloy with 5% MagnesiumM/s Hindustan AI Corp. U.P A/C 47
 TA-47.PDF(518.25 KB)
38 Tinned Copper Flexible Cable BraidsM/s Metal Cloth, Bengaluru A/C 48
 TA-48.pdf(587.02 KB)
39 Unipren & Uninyvin CablesM/s Western Insulated, Pune A/C 49
 TA-49.pdf(596.57 KB)
40 Rubber Seals (63 types)3, BRD, Chandigarh KNP 50
 TA-50.pdf(142.01 KB)
41 Rubber Seals-IPN Seals & IPN Starter System M/s Ailga Rubber Works, Kanpur KNP 51
 TA-51.PDF(570.65 KB)
42 Rubber Seals-Avon EngineM/s Ailga Rubber Works, Kanpur KNP 52
 TA-52.PDF(534.91 KB)
43 High Pressure Valve Type ADE/HPV/I00M/s Vanaz Engg. Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai A/C 56
 TA-56.pdf(186.98 KB)
44 Radio Control & Mixing Box, Pt.No.141-977-12A & 141A-903-35M/s HAL, A/c, Bengaluru A/C 57
 TA-57.PDF(567.48 KB)
45 Rear View Mirror, Dwg No.324-63026 AIISc, Bengaluru A/C 63
 TA-63.pdf(204.59 KB)
46 Rubber Seals-Swastik Compound Gde-8023, BRD, Chandigarh KNP 64
 TA-64.pdf(163.73 KB)
47 Rubber Seals-Swastik Compound 1046, 10263, BRD, Chandigarh KNP 65
 TA-65.pdf(162.3 KB)
48 Rubber Seals-Swastik Compound Gde 1007,1026,10463, BRD, Chandigarh KNP 66
 TA-66.pdf(161.81 KB)
49 Rubber Seals-DRL(M) Compound ANo. 4 BRD Air Force, Kanpur KNP 67
 TA-67.pdf(125.05 KB)
50 Rubber Seals M/s ASI, Pune KNP 68
 TA-68.pdf(133.97 KB)
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