Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Biomedical Imaging & SensingAdvance tracer development and assessing translational applicability of hybrid radiotracersINMAS
Blast Biodosimetry - To identify biomarkers (proteins/small molecules) for blast induced Traumatic Brain InjuryINMAS
Blast dosimeter for recording/measuring the blast overpressure in the field conditionINMAS
Medical Diagnosis triage and monitoring RN exposureINMAS
Point of care device for identified potent candidate marker for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) for rapid detection and on field testingINMAS
Production of medically relevant and medically acceptable radioisotopes- 64 Cu and 44 ScINMAS
Radiomic Finger Printing of RN exposure & ancillary injuriesINMAS
CBRN CountermeasuresCombinatorial radioprotective and therapeutic countermeasures agents for mix radiation injuriesINMAS
Decorporation/ decontaminationg agentsINMAS
Hardening of Building against CBRN ThreatsR&DE(E)
Universal Chemical Biological Warfare (CBW) decontaminant - New formulations of decontaminants which can decontaminate wide spectrum of CBW agentsDRDE
CBRN SupportAdvanced Biodosimetry TechniquesINMAS
Next Gen biomarkers for rapid analysis of radiation damageINMAS
Monitoring and Surveillance SystemCBRN Event Assessment SystemDLJ
Radiation Source and Detection System SimulatorDLJ
Advanced Nuclear Shielding Materials for Surveillance SystemDLJ
Nuclear Explosion Detection & Yield Estimation SystemDLJ
Nuclear Radiation Hardened ElectronicsDLJ
Satellite payload for detection of Exo-atmospheric nuclear explosionDLJ
Virtual Reality (VR) based CBRN defence TrainingINMAS
Virtual Reality (VR) based Nuclear Warfare Training ModuleDLJ
NBC SensingAutomated Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) sensor kit based on colorimetric sensor array and identification using imaging techniqueDRDE
Biological Aerosol Detector using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)DRDE
Biological Warfare Agent Detection using Raman spectroscopyDRDE
Field identification of selected biological warfare agents using molecular and immunological techniquesDRDE
Field portable RT-PCR and ICT card reader equipmentsDRDE
Flame Photometry Detection system for chemical and biological warfare agentDRDE
Remote sensing of chemical and biological agents - Standoff Chemical DetectorDRDE
Unambiguous detection of biological and chemical agentsDRDE
Protective Clothing & GearsChromium Free Carbon for Advanced NBC Canisters & Filters to degrade Chemical Warfare (CW) agentsDRDE
NBC Suit based on high adsorbent Activated Carbon Fibre (ACF) technologyDRDE
Next generation protective ensemble having in-situ decontamination capabilityDRDE
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