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Project Title Principal
Failure strength of orthotropic laminates with openings. Dr. N K Naik IIT, Bombay
Computer aided analysis of turbo machine blades for stress, vibration and fatigue. Prof. C V Ramakrishnan IIT, Delhi
Fatigue behaviour of advanced composites for aircraft structures with emphasis on damage identification and characterisation. Dr. B D Aggarwal IIT, Kanpur
Computer aided vibration test and analysis system (CAVITAS) for field applications. Sh. R Balasubramanium NAL, Bangalore
Hygrothermal effects in fibre reinforced polymeric composites. Dr. P K Sinha IIT, Kharagpur
Application of mechanical impedence techniques for solution of problems in aerospace structural dynamics (MITE-II). Prof. S Durvasula IISc, Bangalore
Interaction of two cracks which are arbitrarily oriented. Dr. V G Ukadgaonkar IIT, Bombay
Some studies in stability/ buckling behaviour of FRP laminated composites plates using higher order shear. Dr. Tarun Kant IIT, Bombay
Dynamic growth of tensile cracks in rate sensitive elastic plasic materials. Dr. R Narsimha IIT, Bombay
A higher order theory of laminated composite shells under transverse loads. Dr. T K Vardan IIT, Madras
Study of delamination in composite material laminates using higher orde theories. Dr. Tarun Kant IIT, Bombay
Analysis of layered fibre composites stiffened panels. Dr. V Kalyanaraman IIT, Madras
Experimental studies on elastic buckling of composite plates. Dr. A K Shrivastava BIT, Ranchi
Application of image processing technique to the determination of SIF in orthotropic composite materials. Dr. K Ramesh IIT, Kanpur
Review & modelling for dynamic response of actuator and linkage mechanisms. Dr. S Krishnamurhty VJTI, Bombay