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Project Title Principal
Dev of partially and fully stabilized Zirconia powders for plasma spray applications. Dr. D Ganguli CGCRI, Calcutta
Microstructural evaluation during recrystallisation (simulation & validation). Prof. S Rangathan IISc, Bangalore
Studies on hydrogen enbrittlement 8090 & 2090 aluminium lithium alloys applications. Dr. V L Gadgeel & Dr. P C Deo Univ of Baroda, Baroda
Failure analysis of structural components. Dr. V V Kutumbarao BHU, Varanasi
Processing & characterisation of ceramic metal & cramic - ceramic metal composites from molten alloys. Dr. Vikram Jayaram IISc, Bangalore
Development & evaluation of cermic tials for machining. Prof. R L Murhty REC, Warangal
Creep fatigue interactions in high temperature titanium & IN-718 alloys gros flow mach. Dr. Vakil Singh BHU, Varanasi
Aircraft accident investigation & failure analysis of aircraft components. Sh. R Rangaraju NAL, Bangalore
Development of warm forging/ hot extension process for metal matrix composites. Dr. A K Gupta NPL, Delhi
Design & development of a high pressure high temperature system and application. Dr. E S Rajagopal IISc, Bangalore
Secondary processing of aluminium metal matrix composites containing carbon fibre & silicon carbide particulate. Dr. K G Satyanarayana RRL, Trivandrum
Thermal fatigue in superalloys. Prof. D S Sarma BHU, Varanasi
Investigations in material behaviour for lifting of gas turbine disc. Prof. R W Shende IIT, Bombay
The mechanism of intermetallic film formation & evaluation of structure in binary system during pulsed laser. Prof. K Chattopadhyay IISc, Bangalore
Residual stress measurement in aerospace components and materials by x-ray. Dr. C Balasingh NAL, Bangalore