Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Perception ManagementEthnic group specific Perception Management Strategies for Different Conflict Zones for the troops/ security forcesDIPR
Psychological Behavioural AnalysisAnalysis of Eye Movement parameters affecting performance of Sharp ShootersDIPR
Computer Aided Screening tool for Selection of Indian Army SnipersDIPR
Computerized cognitive assessment system and Psychomotor systemDIPR
Crowd Behaviour Analysis intelligent system in various settings and context for detecting pre-defined threat behaviors, deviations from normal behavior and suspicious activityDIPR
Gender Fair/neutral tools for Service officers selection such as  situation Reaction Test, thematic Appreciation Test and Sensitisation ModulesDIPR
Identification of Personality Predictors of Flying Performance in Training AcademiesDIPR
Identification of Psychological factors resulting in withdrawal, relegation and flying wastage in training academiesDIPR
Modules for High Altitude and desert terrains for Virtual Induction of Positive States through 5D experienceDIPR
Physical Fitness and Abilities Battery for physical and psychomotor ability testing for Armed ForcesDIPR
Psycho-education tool for managing workplace evaluation anxietyDIPR
Psychological Strategies for Preventing Non Combat Casualties in Indian ArmyDIPR
Real-time evaluation platform to demonstrate pro-active detection of potential threats and generate alarmsDIPR
Standardized Parameters of Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviour having Strategic ImplicationsDIPR
Standardized self–assessment tool for psychological attributes of Service Officers courseDIPR
Training module for the first responders in natural and manmade disasters on managing vulnerabilities, enhancing Strengths and pro-active psychological preparednessDIPR
Training module on cognitive enhancementDIPR
Updating the psychometric properties of Thematic Appreciation Test data sets to cater to changing socio-cultural environment for better applicabilityDIPR
Verbal and non-verbal behavioural analysis for AI augmentation in selection process of Armed ForcesDIPR
VR/AR Based personnel Selection system for Indian Armed ForcesDIPR
Digitized database and automation of selection related data for record keeping and analysisDIPR
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