Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML Technology3D Environment Regeneration based Perception for Undefined ScenesCAIR
Autonomous Environment Perception for Obstacle AvoidanceCAIR
Autonomous Event Detection in Combat EnvironmentCAIR
Autonomous Navigation and Mission Planning  for HEAUVsCAIR
Autonomous Navigation Technologies for Unmanned Ground Combat VehicleCAIR
Autonomous Path Planning for Optimum PathCAIR
Autonomous Precise and Robust LocalizationCAIR
Autonomous Sensors and Edge AIDYSL-CT
Autonomous Target Identification and Classifications in Combat EnvironmentsCAIR
Autonomous Under Water Mine Detection and ClassificationCAIR
Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) & Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)  Patrolling techniquesR&DE(E)
Computer Vision based Object Perception for Combat Engineering SupportCAIR
Natural Language Processing (NLP) based User interface for Manned – Unmanned TeamingVRDE
Underwater Mine Countermeasure Training Data GenerationCAIR
Vision based Autonomous Following-on for Logistic Support VehicleCAIR
Vision based Autonomous Navigation for aerial vehicleDYSL-AI
HMIHuman Machine Interface for Missile LauncherVRDE
Network EnabledCollaborative manipulation of robotic systemsR&DE(E)
Human Robot Teaming TechnologyR&DE(E)
Robotic ArmDual Arms based  Robotic Manipulator for Combat Engineering SupportCAIR
UGVLoad Carrying Four Legged Robot for All Terrain UseCAIR
Locomotive and Object Manipulation for Autonomous Combat Engineering SupportCAIR
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