Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Active Protection SystemActive protection system technologies with defeat capability against Chemical Energy based anti-armour threatsCVRDE
Blast based hard- kill countermeasure and propulsion technologies for defeating various anti tank threatsHEMRL
AI/ML TechnologyAutomatic Target Recognition using deep learning techniquesCVRDE
Prognostics for sub systems of Aromoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs)CVRDE
Sensors and actuators for AI based Preventive Health Monitoring and autonomous operation in Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
ArmourAdd on light weight armour modules against STANAG Level IV and Level V ammunitionDMRL
Hull for Advanced Armoured Platform (AAP)DMRL
Modular and smart armour with energy absorbent/repellent materials for Armoured Fighting Vehicles applicationsCVRDE
New high hardened steel as cover plate for (Explosive Reactive Armour) ERAHEMRL
Rolled Homogenous Armour (RHA) equivalent Armour modules against Fin Stabilized Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS) ammunitionDMRL
Special composite fibre materials for flyer plates in Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA)CVRDE
Analysis of Blast Mitigation StructuresDMRL
BrakesBrake Friction material for dry and wet brakesCVRDE
CharacterizationEquipments for validation of vehicles characteristics during User Trial validationCVRDE
CompositesComposite Metallic Foam for Ballistic Protection in Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Crew SafetyQuick disengagement modules for AFVs in emergency situationsCVRDE
Fording CapabilityDeep fording capability for future Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)CVRDE
Gun MountFixed gun mount for tanksPXE
HMIHuman Machine Interface (HMI) for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Inventory ManagementAI based inventory management systemVRDE
MaterialsBallistic resistant materials/coatings for future Armoured Fighting Vehicles applicationCVRDE
Light weight design and light weight materials for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Ramp DoorRamp type rear door for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Road Mobile LauncherElectromechanical steering system for road mobile launcherVRDE
Heavy duty hydraulic suspension with extra large wheel travel for road mobile launcherVRDE
Heavy duty outriggers for road mobile launcherVRDE
Hydrostatic heavy duty drive with remote application for road mobile launcherVRDE
StealthStealth Technology and Adaptive Camouflage for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
SuspensionAttitude Control system & Automatic track tensionerCVRDE
Light weight optimised RG systemCVRDE
TracksAutomatic Track Tensioner for maintaining required track tension in both Static & Dynamic conditions of Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Tracks for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Training SimulatorTraining Simulators for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
Weapon IntegrationModular multi weapon station for Armoured Fighting VehiclesCVRDE
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