Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Advanced AntennasActive VHF/UHF antenna for enhanced frequenciesDLRL
Broadband Blade Monopole and Dipole AntennasDLRL
Conformal Antenna Technologies for Naval PlatformsDEAL
HF Broad Band Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) AntennaDEAL
High Frequency Direction Finding (DF) Loop Array Active AntennaDLRL
Integrated Stacked Biconical Antenna (1-40 GHz)DLRL
Multi-band AntennaLRDE
Sectoral Horn Base Line Interferometric (BLI) ArrayDLRL
Shared Aperture AntennaLRDE
Sinuous AntennaDLRL
Wearable (Body worn) and Textile Antenna TechnologyDEAL
Antenna ArraysActive Electronically Steered Antenna (AESA) Technology for CommunicationDEAL
Dual Polarized antenna arraysDLRL/CASDIC
Dynamically Reconfigurable Antenna Array  Based on UAV ClustersLRDE
Full Digital Array with Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) technologyLRDE
Nulling Antennas for additional protection against jammers  using a phased-array antenna on the satelliteDLRL/CASDIC
Beam ControlBeam Steering in X & Ka bandDEAL
Digital Beam forming AntennasDLRL/CASDIC
MetamaterialsFiltennas, Low observability antennas using MetamaterialsRCI
Metamaterial based antenna designLRDE
Metamaterial based light weight antenna design - Miniaturized RadarLRDE
 Low-Observable Antennas and Radomes for airborne platformsDLJ
StealthReconfigurable Liquid Antenna for Shared ApertureRCI
T/R ModuleKa Band Transmit/Receive ModulesDLRL/CASDIC
Transmit/Receive Module based Planar Array Transmitter & ReceiverDLRL
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