Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI HardwareNew Artificial Learning / Deep Learning architecturesRCI
Cloud ComputingPrivate Cloud technology for AI/ML InferenceRCI
Image ProcessingAI based Image and video Analytics for IntelligenceCAIR
AI Based Image Detection and Recognition for Anti Tank MissilesDRDL
AI/ML based Satellite Sensor Data Processing for IntelligenceCAIR
DeepFakes - Detect synthetically generated fake images/videos, Creation of synthetic images/videosDYSL-AI
Generate synthetic disguises and restoring images using generative ModelsDYSL-AI
Image Fusion and AI Based Tracker for SeekersRCI
Natural Language ProcessingAI/ML based Autonomous Document SummarizationCAIR
AI/ML based Autonomous Machine Translation for intelligenceCAIR
AI/ML based Text AnalyticsCAIR
Explainable AI and Language ModelsDYSL-AI
Large document summarization and cross lingual question answering technologyDYSL-AI
Real Time Voice Cloning: Artificial intelligence to clone and generate human voiceDYSL-AI
Speech Processing Using AI/MLCAIR
The device/AI software for speech recognition / processing, machine translation and speech synthesis for different languages of interestDYSL-AI
Software FrameworkCustom Artificial Learning / Deep Learning Software - software frameworks in compilable languagesRCI
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