• CAIR, DRDO has developed an AI based intelligent, secure, web based, Covid detection application software ATMAN using Chest X-rays which can classify the images into Normal, Covid-19 and Pneumonia classes using limited number (few hundreds) of sample images.
  • Virus affects the lungs early even before the patient starts showing significant symptoms. Thus, compared to RT-PCR test which takes many hours, an X-ray based diagnostic tool can detect the infection in early stages with processing time in seconds.
  • ATMAN back end has been built with Deep Convolution Neural Network which is tuned to accurately detect Covid-19 irrespective of limited availability of Covid X-ray images for the system to learn. The software automatically pre-processes the images before passing them to the Neural net to take care of the variant illuminations levels of the X-ray images. The software is easy to navigate and can be easily accessed over Internet through a variety of devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops or computers.
  • ATMAN has been tested and validated by the doctors from M/s HCG Centre for Academics and Research, Bengaluru and M/s Ankh Life Care, Bengaluru who have also helped by providing data and relevant medical domain knowledge.ATMAN


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