• Covid-19 pandemic has presently made it unsafe to use contact based biometric verification. An AI based Attendance Application (AINA) is developed, which allows non-contact based personnel verification using facial features of the person
  • Existing CCTV cameras can be utilized for capturing facial images 
  • Facial features of several thousands of employees can be stored in the computer since for each employee the facial features are encoded in a small (less than 25 KB) file
  • The system is scalable since the time for identification and verification for each person remains constant even as the number of registered personnel increase
  • It is secure because
    • It works as a standalone system and does not require internet
    • Since only the facial features are saved in encoded form, the actual face images need not be saved, thereby ensuring privacy and security.
    • Server for storing facial feature database is placed within organisation premises.
  • AINA can be deployed with minimal upgradation to the legacy attendance infrastructure with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers
  • AINA has a light-weight installation process. AINA can be installed on a normal desktop computer with a GPU based display adapter
  • AINA comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly GUI
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