Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyDecision making system for fore-warning and associated agro-advisoryDIHAR/DIBER
Water management using high precision equipment enabled with AIDIHAR/DIBER
Climate ResilienceAbiotic stress tolerant cropsDIHAR/DIBER
Soil mapping to achieve long-term higher productivityDIHAR/DIBER
Diversified FarmingTechnological Interventions for Diversified agricultural produceDIHAR
Green House FarmingCost-effective Passive Solar for high altitude areasDIHAR & DRL
Modern Agro TechnologyModern agro-technologies for better Army-Civil interaction in High Altitude border areasDRL & DIHAR & DIBER
Modern agro-technologies for High Altitude border areasDRL
Organic FarmingOrganic Horticultural Crop Production SystemDIHAR
Precision AgricultureIntegration of various Precision Agriculture techniques to achieve higher productivityDIHAR/DIBER
Intelligent use of trapped water molecules for Micro irrigationDIHAR/DIBER
Net zero energy technology and energy positive technologies for deriving water from air for micro irrigationDIHAR/DIBER
Precision agriculture system including hydroponics, aeroponics, automatic green houses, etc.DIHAR/DIBER
Precision agriculture to achieve higher productivityDIHAR/DIBER
Sensors and controls for precision agricultureDIHAR/DIBER
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