Areas of Work : Technologies ready for ToT to Indian Industries for supply to Indian Armed Forces

Technology Lab
Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS) for 155 mm Artillery Gun HEMRL
Reduced Sensitivity RDX (RS-RDX) HEMRL
Ejection System for GPS Recovery Aid NSTL
Mosquito Repellent Cream/Spray DRL
Herbal Cockroach repellent (100% Natural) DRL
Troposcatter Radio Link Estimation Software DEAL
Rubber Sheet (IRP1074) for Vibro Damping Coating (VDC) application NMRL
Rubber Sheet (IRP1075) for Vibro Damping Coating (VDC) application NMRL
Brake Piston Insulator DMRL
Explosive Reactive Armour MK II HEMRL
Confined Space Remotely Operated Vehicle R&DE(E)
Surveillance Remotely Operated Vehicle R&DE(E)
IED Data Management Software (IDMS) R&DE(E)
Snow Melter DIPAS
Man Mounted Cooling System DIPAS
Active Earmuff DIPAS
Earplug DIPAS
Seabuckthorn Leaf Extract DIPAS
Snake repellent DRL
Herbal Insecticidal Stick DRL
High SPF Sun cream for High Altitude DRL
Air Sanitizer DRL
Satellite Roller Screw Mechanism RCI
Recovery Parachute System for Lakshya PTA ADRDE
Electro-Acoustic Transducer for Near Field Measurements NPOL
Holographic Sight IRDE
Compact Electronic Display Console for Tactical Systems NPOL
Rubber Sheet (IRP 1074) for Vibro Damping Coating Application NMRL
Manufacturing Technology for Gravity Diecast Aluminium Alloy REAR SHELL Component NMRL
Rubber blend (EAP-43) for Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) treatment of vibrating structures NMRL
Rubber Sheet (IRP1075) for fabrication of Sound Insulation Coating NMRL
Laser Ordnance Disposal System (LORDS) LASTEC
Mechatronic Fuze TBRL
Bund Blasting Device TBRL
Joint Care Gel DIHAR
UV Protective Anti Blemishes Cream DIHAR
Propellant & Igniter for 122 mm ERR HEMRL
Propellant Grains, Igniter, MAT-O-Bond for PINAKA MKI HEMRL
Energetic Propellant Casting in Case Bonded Rocket Motors(Propellant) & Igniter for PINAKA MKII HEMRL
Pyro cartridges PC 025 DQ, 050 DQ, PC 100 DQ, PC 110 DQ HEMRL
Fuel Rich Sustainer Propellant Grains for Akash Missile HEMRL
Igniter for Akash Missile Booster HEMRL
Igniter for Akash Missile Sustainer HEMRL
Booster Propellant Grains for Akash Missile HEMRL
Propellant for LRSAM PII Grains HEMRL
Fixed Wing Mini UAV Technology ADE
Piezoceramic PZT-4 Material Technology ARDE
Laser Warning Sensor System LASTEC
5 m Short Span Bridging System R&DE(E)
Short Range Laser Dazzler LASTEC
NBC Suit Mark V DRDE
Short Span Bridging System (SSBS) 10 m R&DE(E)
NBC Respiratory Mask Mk II DEBEL
35m Mountain Footbridge including its Launching Systems R&DE(E)
LLIN/Defender Net DRL
Water Dearsenification Unit DRL
Iron Removal Unit(3000LT/H) - MKIII DRL
Iron Removal Unit(MK I & II) DRL
Integrated DRDO Water Testing Kit DRL
Household Water Purification Unit DRL
Rubber Compound DMSRDE
Backpack DIPAS
Preemptor LASTEC
ELISA and Immuno Flow Through (IFT) Assays for Human Brucellosis DRDE
Immuno Flow Through (IFT) Assays for Anthrax DRDE
Shudhika - Skin Decontamination Kit INMAS
Composites SONAR Dome R&DE(E)
Composites Armoured Hull for ICV R&DE(E)
Oxygen Mask Type TM-2100 for ALH Helicopter Aircrew DEBEL
Epoxy Resin Formulation ASL
PCM Cool Vest & Panels DLJ
Resin Film Infusion R&DE(E)
Oleoresin based products like CapsisprayTM/ CapsigrenadeTM DRL
Structural Adhesive SA-6 DMSRDE
Structural Adhesive SA-8 DMSRDE
Microbial Water Testing Kit DRDE
Protection Clothing for Medical First Responders INMAS
REMOCON Wipe for the Decontamination of Radiological Contaminates from Skin INMAS
Boot Furlined High Altitude for Aircrew DEBEL
Boot Flying For Aircrew DEBEL
Air Cleaning Filter CFP-I DRDE
NBC Filter FAT-100M DRDE
13.5m Steel Foot Bridge R&DE(E)
CFF: Hose for Oxygen System DEBEL
Impregnated Carbon for use in NBC Canisters and Filters DRDE
Palladium Impregnated Carbon for use in CO Canisters and Air Cleaning Filters DRDE
Portable Decontamination Apparatus DRDE
First Aid Kit Type 'B' (FAK-'B') DRDE
Combat Free Fall (CFF) System ADRDE
Flex Water Bottle With Cover DMSRDE
OR Based Grenade DRDE
CR Based Shell DRDE
CR Active Material & CR Based Grenade DRDE
Fire Control Unit for Avionics Application CFEES
Polycarbonate Visors For The Aircrew Helmet DEBEL
Sarvatra - A multi span bridging system R&DE(E)
46m MLC-70 Modular bridging system R&DE(E)
CNTs synthesis by CCVD method DMSRDE
Personal Decontamination Kit (PDK) DRDE
Three Color Detector Paper (TCDP) DRDE
Decontamination Solution-2 (DS-2) DRDE
First Aid Kit CW Type - A DRDE
Autojet Injector DRDE
Residual Vapor Detection Kit (RVDK) DRDE
Water Bottle Flex DMSRDE
Pressure Breathing Oxygen Mask (ABEU MK-I & II) DEBEL
Light Weight Integrated Helmet Type 1H-1000 [TD1 (LCA)-Modified] for ALH Helicopter Aircrew DEBEL
Infrared Signature Suppression System Technology NSTL
Aircraft Arrester Barrier System (AABS) ADRDE
Seaking Floats ADRDE
SU-30 Brake Parachute ADRDE
Submarine Escape Set (Breathing Set) DEBEL
Garter Leg Restraint - HAWK DEBEL
Aircrew Survival Jacket DEBEL
Anti G-Suit DEBEL
CFF Oxygen System, Protective equipment & Clothing DEBEL
Cold Weather Protective Clothing DEBEL
Electrically Heated Gloves with Active Heating Elements DEBEL
Electrically Heated Shoe Insoles DEBEL
FR Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket DEBEL
FR Automatic Life Jacket DEBEL
FR Common Anti G Suit DEBEL
Hawk Helmet DEBEL
Helicopter Oxygen Mask DEBEL
Helicopter Oxygen System DEBEL
Helicopter Oxygen System flexible hoses DEBEL
Hydrosuit (SES) DEBEL
Thermal Drawers DEBEL
Thermal Vest DEBEL
Upgraded Arctic Gloves with active heating element DEBEL
Upgraded NATO Suit DEBEL
Rugged, Portable Telemedicine System DEBEL
Portable Physiological Vital Parameter Monitor DEBEL
Amniotic Membrane & Silver Dressing Argentem-N DLJ
Blower Control Unit & Cable Harness DLJ
Integrated Control Panel for NBC RV DLJ
Automatic Control Unit (ACU) for NBC RV DLJ
Cable Harness for NBC RV DLJ
Radiation Detection Measurement and Control Unit (RADMAC) DLJ
Roentgenometer & Gamma Sensor DLJ
Brazing Technology DMRL
DMR-249 Grade Steel DMRL
Activated Carbon Spheres DMSRDE
Fluid Engine Starting Aid DMSRDE
NBC Filters, Residual Vapour Detector DRDE
1200cc, 2400cc, 6000cc Pellet Type Gas Generators HEMRL
Cartridge Gas Generator 14000 HEMRL
High Melting Point Explosive HEMRL
Pyro Cartridges HEMRL
Squib (Cartridge Electric) HEMRL
Acoustic Rubber Tiles NMRL
Fuel Cells NMRL
Heavy Duty Non-skid Paint NMRL
ICCP system and galvanic alluminium alloy anode system NMRL
Dual Purpose electrochemical system for corrosion protection NMRL
Advance ICCP system, Platinised titanium anode, silver-silver chloride electrode, ACU NMRL
Low potential aluminium sacrificial anodes NMRL
Heavy duty non-skid paint landing decks of ship NMRL
Inlumescenct fire retardant paint NMRL
Solvent-free anticorrosive paint NMRL
High performance exterior paint for ships and marine structures NMRL
High strength epoxy putty NMRL
High strength adhesives for metal & rubber NMRL
Sound absorbing rubber & vibration, isolation, tile NMRL
Polymeric Rubbing strakes NMRL
Styreneless unsaturated polyester resin NMRL
Polyoxypropylene triol and benzylidene NMRL
Polyoxy propylene triol & triethylene glycol dimethacrylate NMRL
Benzylidene bis orthochloroaniline (BOCA), polyurethane sealant & modified epoxy resin NMRL
Polyurethane sealant NMRL
Different grades of Zirconia powders & ZTA Ceramic products NMRL
Piezocomposite elements NMRL
Ferrite powder NMRL
Phosphoric Acid Fuel cell and its components NMRL
Bimetallic platinum cobalt catalyst for fuel cell NMRL
Porous Conducting carbon paper NMRL
Chemlok 235 NPOL
Fiber Optic Gyro RCI

* Technologies will be provided to Indian Industries on request.