Scope of the Grant

The grant will be utilised for :

  • Meeting salary of research and laboratory staff, specially recruited for the project/facility and to meet cost of their medical benefits, Contributory Provident Fund (CPF), leave etc. on the same scale as applicable to the equivalent regular employees of the Institution and for providing funds to the extent of 15% of the total cost of the project as benefit to host institutions for meeting the cost of overhead expenses with upper ceiling of Rs 5.0 lakh, including infrastructure facilities.
  • Procuring special equipments, consumable stores, chemicals etc or for obtaining special services not normally provided by the institution such as calibration and testing of equipment and sub-systems, fabrication of components within workshop of the institution, etc.
  • Meeting cost of setting up of basic facilities/infrastructure for research in the field of armament technologies.
  • Conducting or sponsoring conferences/workshops/ seminars/symposia/ short courses etc and for providing funds for training of manpower, promotional activities and deputations within the country and abroad for the project related activities.
  • Cozvering contingency expenses viz. postage, stationary, typing, printing, expenses on part-time/ full time typists/data entry operator on computers for the work related to the project, if required.
  • Meeting travel expenses in India for project related activities, symposia/ seminar/short courses etc. and for deputation abroad in connection with presentation of papers in international symposia on project related work or seeking new advances of collaboration.
  • Meeting-expenses in India for eminent scientists invited by the ARMREB.
  • Publishing research work in the form of a technical report for dissemination to armament community in an approved ARMREB format.
  • Meeting expenditure for honorarium to invited speakers for ARMREB sponsored short courses/workshops.