Purpose Of Award

Projects or schemes of value to above concept would be supported.

The grant will be utilized :

1. To meet consolidated emoluments/expenses as per DST norms, of research fellows and technical staff specially sanctioned for the project.
2. To provide funds for meeting the cost of overhead expenses of the host institution as per DST norms.
3. For procuring special equipment, consumable stores, chemicals etc, or for obtaining special services not normally provided by the institution such as special tests and evaluation, computer time, calibration and testing of equipment and sub-systems: fabrication within workshop of the institution, etc.
4. To conduct conferences/workshops/seminars/symposia etc. and to provide funds for promotional activities & deputations within the country and abroad as per the requirements of the project.
5. To cover contingency expenses, viz: postage, typing, printing, stationery, etc.
6. To meet travel expenses in India for projects including their monitoring, symposia, seminar, etc. and for deputation abroad in connection with presentation of papers in International Symposia and for visit to advanced Life Sciences R&D facilities and to meet expenses in India for eminent scientists invited under the authority of LSRB.
7. To publish research work in the form of a Technical Report for dissemination to Life Sciences community in an approved LSRB format.

LSRB shall not make any personal payments to members of the regular staff of the host institution.