Procedure for Sanction of Projects

Procedure for Sanction of Projects


R&D project proposal to be formed out under this scheme originate as follows :-

  • Projects of interest to national needs formulated by the ARMREB are referred to academic institutions/R&D organisations and industry etc.
  • Proposals for Research, design and development in the field of armaments may be submitted by the academic institutions/R&D organisations and industry etc.
  • Proposals for projects involving storage handling and usage of explosives by establishments other than defence establishments would be scrutinized and sanctioned, only if the safety regulations as stipulated in this procedure are met by the agency seeking grant from ARMREB.
  • Actvity Process Time(Cumlative) in Days
    • The Principal Investigator will submit 3 hard copies of project proposals and soft copy along with undertaking from the grantee institution/organisation that it has not obtained or applied for grants for the same purpose or activity from any other ministry/department of Govt. of India or state govt. along with certificate to the effect that basic facilities and necessary competence as evidence of the existence of staff with the relevant technical background for the work are available, in prescribed format (FM/ARMREB-01) to the Secretary ARMREB. It is also required to include the details of Co-PI.
    • In addition to this a declaration whether the work will be carried out at their institution or will be shared by more than one institution shall be submitted along with the proposal. In such a case the institute applying for the grant shall act as Principal Investigator and other work centres as investigators. Monitoring and timely completion of the task with the investigators shall be the sole responsibility of the Principal Investigator.
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    • Proposal will be forwarded to the Coordinator to obtain comments of the panel members on technical as well as financial aspect of the proposal.
    • In case of multidisciplinary nature of proposal an adhoc committee/special panel will be constituted by Secretary ARMREB on approval of CC R&D/DG (Armts). The committee under Chairmanship of renowned academician/researcher consisting at least 4 members of appropriate specialization/experience from different agencies and Secretary ARMREB as member to review the proposal.
    • The panel members will analyze the proposal (FM/ARMREB-02) and give their comments to Panel Chairman.
    • Panel Chairman will review the comments and forward consolidated views of panel to Panel Coordinator.
    • Panel Coordinator will obtain the in-principle approval of the User Lab Director along with nomination of user group Scientist with his comments on utility of the project.
    • In case, any suggestion made by the Panel Chairman/members and User Lab Director, the Panel Coordinator send back the proposal to PI for incorporating the suggestions/ recommendations.
    • PI submits the revised proposal to Panel Coordinator who further sends it to Panel Chairman.
    • Panel Chairman recommends for sanction. If required he sends the proposal to panel members for their comments and compile their recommendations.
    • Recommendation of Chairman along with one hard copy of the revised proposal (in case, revision suggested by panel should be verified by panel Coordinator that suggestions of the panel have been incorporated) to be sent to Secretary ARMREB by the panel Coordinator duly recommended by User Lab Director. The Director of user lab will obtained comments/ recommendations of the user group scientist on utility of project and forward the same to panel coordinator with nomination of a monitor for follow-up.
    • E-communication to be adopted.

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    Processing for Approval
    • If cost of project proposal is less than 15 lakh, Secretary ARMREB will issues the sanction letter.
    • If cost of the proposal is more than 15 lakhs, Chairman ARMREB will reviewed and with his recommendations proposal to be sent to CCR&D/DG (Armament) and IF(R&D) for formal approval/concurrence.
    • After concurrence of IFA (R&D), Secretary ARMREB will issue sanction letter.
    10 (55)
    Sanction and release of funds
    • Secretary ARMREB will intimate PI for submission of the following documents to process the case for issue of sanction letter and release of funds :-
      • Contingent Bill for 1st instalment (FM/ARMREB- 03)
      • ECS Mandate (FM/ARMREB- 04)
      • Executive Bond - MOC/MOU (in prescribed format)
      • If any special equipment asked under project, an undertaking to be submitted by the institute that the equipment (Give list of equipment, cost, source along with budgetary quotation) is not available with the Institution and extensively required for the project work.
      • Undertaking that grant has not been obtained or applied for the same purpose or activity from any other Ministry/Department of Government of India or state government.
      • Funding Pattern of the Institute
      • Article of Association and Bye-laws of the Grantee Institution/Organisation
    • PI will submit the above documents to the Secretary ARMREB.
    • Secretary ARMREB will review the documents, issue the formal sanction letter and forward bill to PCDA for payment.
    • PCDA, as per the payment milestones mentioned in the documents, will transfer the first instalment to institute and intimate the release of payment to Secretary ARMREB.
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    15 (90)
    • After receiving the first instalment, the PI will communicate to Secretary ARMREB & PCDA (R&D) regarding receipt of instalment. Date of receipt of 1st instalment will be reckoned as commencement of the project. Work will be executed under MOC. PI will submit the progress report to facilitate the following reviews (refer Annexure I, guidelines for project review)
      • Quarterly review by the user laboratories with user group scientist.
      • Half yearly review by the respective panel. The panel may also review project separately consisting of following members-
        • Panel Coordinator
        • Panel Member (at least one)
        • Expert Member (to be nominated by Chairman)
        • Member from user laboratories.
      • Yearly review by ARMREB during Boarding meeting (If project cost > 15 lakhs)
    • Contingent bill (FM/ARMREB-03), statement of accounts, expenditure and utilisation certificate (FM/ARMREB-05) duly certified by executive authority of the institution and countersigned by local audit authority along with annual progress report (FM/ARMREB-04) by end of each financial year will be submitted to Secretary ARMREB to forward it to PCDA.
    • PCDA will release the subsequent instalments based on the recommendation of panel.
    • The above process will be repeated till the final instalment is paid.
    Based on PDC
    • On completion of project, a meeting will be arranged by PI in consultation with respective Panel Chairman & scientist of the user lab for final review, recommendations of the Chairman and dissemination of the research work.
    • During final review if it is found that objectives of the project are not met completely either the project is closed or extension is granted.
    • The PI will submit the final closure documents in the prescribed formats of ARMREB within 60 days of completion/closure/ termination of the project as per check list. It also includes the settlement of accounts.
    • Check List:
      1. Technical report giving know how and design documents etc. -10 hard copies, 1 soft copy
      2. Executive summary in prescribed format (FM/ARMREB-07) of ARMREB-10 copies
      3. Audited Statement of accounts, expenditure and utilisation certificate in prescribed format (FM/ARMREB-05) -02 copies
      4. List of equipments purchased under project in the format GFR-2005 duly countersigned by Audit - 02 copies
      5. Equipment purchased from the project fund and in case required retention for further R & D work. A request duly countersigned by HOD to be submitted with undertaking that DRDO is authorised to utilize the facility/equipment purchased from the project funds free of cost.
      6. In case, unutilised funds, if any at the end of project to be refunded by demand draft in favour of PCDA (R&D) drawn at New Delhi or refunded by MRO in prescribed format (FM/ARMREB-12).
      7. Certificate from PI and endorsement by user group scientist of the Lab that objectives have been realised.
    • Copies of closure reports are sent to user laboratories for dissemination of research work and further follow-up.
    60 days of completion/closure/ termination of the project

  • All accounts maintained by the institute / R&D organisation / industry progressing the project/scheme will be subject to audit by their respective auditors. On completion / termination of the project, accounts for the entire project / scheme duly audited by the auditors shall be submitted and the unspent balance, if any, from the sanctioned funds will be refunded to PCDA under intimation to Secy ARMREB.
  • During the progress of the projects, The institute concerned will provide all facilities to the scientists of the Defence Research & Development Organisation- (DRDO) / Members of the concerned research panel and the members of the, ARMREB for visiting the institute for ensuring timely achievements of the objectives of the projects / schemes. The investigator(s) may visit concerned DRDO lab / establishment within the country for consultations, attending symposia / seminar etc provided such visits are of direct relevance to the project and within the sanctioned amount under TA/DA head. TA/DA would be regulated as per his normal entitlement within the institute. Such visits will be reported in the annual progress report of the project submitted to Secy ARMREB.
  • Evaluation of the products / processes developed under Grants-in-Aid projects/ schemes will be carried out by the respective research panel of ARMREB. The TA / DA of the panel member could also be paid out of the TA/DA budget of the project/scheme as per the entitlement of the panel member by the grantee Institution.
  • In case the project reaches a significant stage or achieves a major breakthrough/milestone a technical report shall be submitted which must reach the project review board before the annual meeting. The standardised format for preparation of technical report is as follows:
  • ARMREB-RP-TR-PN-RN/YY, where
    RP - Name of the Research Panel (abbreviated)
    TR - Technical Report
    PN - Project Number
    RN - Technical Report No.
    YY - Year.
  • Technical reports will be generated in A4 size with attached drawings/process/know how etc appropriately folded to come in A4 size. A document sheet, as per FM/ARMREB-06 is to be enclosed along with the technical report.