Objectives of ARMREB

  • To foster knowledge-based growth of Armament discipline in the country, strengthening and integrating national resources of knowledge, know how, experience, facilities and infrastructure.
  • To catalyze the much needed cross-fertilization of ideas and experiences between DRDO and outside experts in scientific and technical fields that contribute to armament technology.
  • To launch and coordinate research in specified areas of armament discipline in academic institutions.
  • To create conditions suitable for attracting talent through research collaborations and other academic exchanges and adopt synergic approach towards national needs and priorities in the field of Armaments in the global advancements.
  • To adopt synergic approach towards National needs and priorities in the field of Armaments, yet keeping in focus the Global Advances, in order to develop competence in Key Areas.
  • To lead the Technological Innovations useful for Combat Multiplier both for the near term and future.

Charter of ARMREB

  • To support basic and applied research applicable to armament discipline.
  • To review and approve, research proposals submitted by Academic Institute.
  • To set funding pattern and funding methodology for the research panels of ARMREB.
  • To decide on specific research programmes of individual projects exceeding Rs 25 lakhs or involving major civil works.
  • ARMREB will exclude funding of development of system hardware.

Objectives of Research Panels

  • To undertake and promote imagination driven research work in the Armament disciplines to create novel/approaches and materials.
  • To promote upstream Research & Development activities at Academic Institutions/R&D Organisations/ Industry.
  • To train manpower of requisite quality for undertaking/pursuing research in the relevant field.
  • To act as catalyst for seeding futuristic technologies at identified Institutions.
  • To help in creating self sufficiency in critical technologies needed for development of competitive armament stores and put the armament discipline in the forefront in the global scenario.
  • To create data base on specific and allied fields of armaments discipline.
Activities of Research Panels

  • To create new understanding on new materials and system.
  • To promote research activities leading to the growth of Armament technologies for the future needs.
  • To scrutinize project proposals and make specific recommendations to ARMREB.
  • To monitor, evaluate and guide the sanctioned projects/ schemes at suitable intervals and to make recommendations to the ARMREB.
  • To identify gaps in R&D efforts and recommend methods for bridging them in the best manner.
  • To create data base on specific and allied subjects related to the panel.