Norms For Transfer Of Technology

The following norms would be followed:
  1. The modality of transfer of technology could be decided based on the recommendations of the know-how transfer committee which could consist of the concerned panel coordinator which had sponsored the project, PI of the project/and rep of the institution developing the know-how and rep of LSRB. Secretary LSRB could nominate any other member in the committee if considered desirable. LSRB Sectt would further process the case.

  2. The know-how transfer committee (to be set up by LSRB) would consider modalities of transfer of technology based on the applications received after advertisement in the leading newspapers.

  3. The technology could be transferred through NRDC or any other agency approved by SA to RM. The royalties could be shared in the ratio of 30:35:35 between NRDC/other agency, LSRB and the PI/host institution developing the know-how. In case the lab developing the know-how has got infrastructure to transfer the technology it could be transferred directly by lab developing the know-how and in such case the royalties would be shared equally between LSRB and the grantee developing the know-how.

  4. The royalties would be charged preferably in lump-sum in one or two installments.

  5. No charges will be levied from organisations either in public or private sector for the transfer of know-how when the processes/techniques/stores are to be utilised/produced for Defence purposes only.