To be an organization with world-class academic research base in the frontiers of science and technology to support the future needs of defence and security of the nation.

To establish network with research faculty in Indian academic research centres, create centres of excellence within academic institutes, augment research infrastructures and support advanced research through well-defined projects and develop essential knowledge and capabilities for DRDO immediate and futuristic needs. The outcome will be used by DRDO laboratory for development of products and technology for defence services.

Historical Background

Leveraging the potential of S&T excellence at the various academic institutions and R&D centers of the country through Grant-in-aid scheme was being practiced even before the inception of DRDO on 1 Jan 1958 in Defence Science Organisation and Technical Development Establishments of the three services ,which were merged to form DRDO. Upon the creation of the DRDO, the Extramural Research activities were performed under the aegis of the erstwhile Directorate of Training and Sponsored research (DTSR).

With the need for development of State-of-the-art Defence system for the armed forces, development of cutting-edge technologies in various strategic areas including Aeronautics, Armaments, Electronics, combat vehicles, Missiles, Instrumentation, Advanced computing and simulation , Advanced Materials, Naval Systems, Life Sciences, NBC and Information Systems compelled an the increase in ER activities of DRDO necessitated the creation of a separate Directorate.

DRDO, since its formation in 1958, has been filing IPR applications, including patents, designs & copyrights applications in India and other countries.

However, in early 90's, as the debate on negotiations under GATT started gaining prominence in the media, people started realizing the importance of intellectual property rights also. India ultimately signed TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects and Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement and became a member of World Trade Organisation thus making the Directorate of Technical Coordination more sensitive in this regard. A new beginning was made in Sept, 1996 by forming a separate IPR Group with dedicated manpower within Directorate of Technical Coordination at DRDO HQ. Directorate of Technical Coordination started functioning as Directorate of Technical Coordination & IPR.

A milestone was achieved in the history of ER and IPR activities in DRDO when a separate Directorate of ER & IPR, was created officially w.e.f. 01 May, 2000.