Procedure for Sanction of Grant for Conferences

Procedure for Sanction of Grants for Conduct of National/International - Seminar/ Symposia/ Workshop/ Courses etc.


Armament Research Board will also receive proposals for financial support for conduct of symposia/seminars/workshops/courses etc. Such proposals which are of the interest of promotion of research in the field of armament and training of specialised manpower will be supported by ARMREB to the extent possible subject to review and recommendation of relevant panel. Sanction would be governed as per the policy issued and revised time to time by ARMREB.

Actvity Process Time(Cumlative) in Days
  • The institute or organizing agency will submit 3 hard copies of proposal along with soft copy (at least 3 months in advance for National and 5 months in advance for International) in prescribed format (FM/ARMREB-08) to the Secretary ARMREB along with undertaking that financial support has not be asked from any other agency of DRDO.
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  • Secretary ARMREB scrutinizes the proposal and will forward the same to respective panel Coordinator to obtain comments of the panel.
  • The panel members will analyze the proposal and give their comments to Panel Chairman who will review it and forward the consolidated views to Coordinator. In case of multidisciplinary nature of proposal an adhoc committee will be constituted by Secretary ARMREB on approval of CC R&D/DG (Armts). The committee consisting at least 4 members of appropriate specialization/experience from different agencies and Secretary ARMREB as member to review the proposal.
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15 (25)
  • Panel Coordinator/adhoc committee forwards the proposal along with recommendations for approval to Secretary ARMREB.
5 (30)
  • Secretary ARMREB submits the proposal for financial sanction as per process flow chart no. 05 after confirmation by other research Boards and Dte of ER & IPR that sanction has not be made by them for this purpose.
  • After receiving the financial sanction Secretary ARMREB issues a sanction letter to institute and asks to submit the following documents to process the case for release of funds-
    • Contingent Bill (FM/ARMREB-03)
    • ECS Mandate (FM/ARMREB-04)
    • Undertaking regarding financial support has not be asked from any other agency of DRDO
    • Funding Pattern of the Institute
    • Article of Association of the Institute
  • Institute will submit the above documents to the Secretary ARMREB.
  • Secretary ARMREB will review the documents and forward it to PCDA (R&D).
  • PCDA (R&D) will transfer the grant to institute under intimation to Secretary ARMREB.
10 (40)

10 (50)

10 (60)

15 (75)
Settlement of Accounts
  • On conclusion of the proposed symposia/seminar/workshop /course, the institute will render a comprehensive report including the technical documents (proceedings, CDs) related to the concerned activity along with the certificate that the objectives of the activity have been met along with statement of account and utilization certificate to Secretary ARMREB.
Within 60 days of conclusion of the activity